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Journal buffer-overflowed's Journal: On friends and the zoo 10

A number of people have asked me why glamkowski, pudge, etc. etc. are on my friends list.

Simple, they're good people, we just disagree on political matters. Sometimes in a knock-down drag-out make-shit-up manner(at least on my part anyway) reminiscent of Vidal v. Buckley only w/o the sexual tension.

If I restricted who I was going to talk to to people who completely agreed with me, my how boring that would be. Who would I troll? Who would I argue with? It would just be some echo chamber like all those other sites are. Bah, screw that.

Plus it's always fun to find out that we agree on something.

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On friends and the zoo

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  • Indeed. Yeah, sometimes Pudge et. al. resemble the most extreme of right wing wing nuts, but I still value their input and consider what they have to say. It's kind of like people who have witnessed conversations between scientists. Sometimes they think that we are angry with each other, when the reality is that we are simply punk rocking it, arguing with passion, not malice.

    • that's it. it's passion. when i debate something i've thought of, i get excited and even speak loudly, but i give the other person a fair shake and chances to counter what i'm saying as well. it's much more fun when you're disagreeing because it stimulates you to think of new ways to express yourself and to challenge whether what you are contending is correct.

      it's all good. :)
    • Anyone who thinks I am extreme on the American political spectrum really needs to get out more. :-)
  • Heh... I keep you around so I can point at my friends list and say, see I don't hate them all!

    That and you tend to actually still have a bit of grasp on reality. While I disagree with you on many issues, you seem to have a better reason than it is some Rovian plot with black helicoptors and sock puppets.
    • you seem to have a better reason than it is some Rovian plot with black helicoptors and sock puppets.

      are you kidding?

      no, he's already nearly finished the baracade he's been constructing since he arrived at our place to defend against "the evil rovian hand puppets of evil death and oppression."

      you don't have to experience the fact that he's had us put away all communication devices (computers, phones, the microwave?) because he's convinced *they* are listening in, and are planning their "attack."

      yeah, and fr
      • yeah, and the worst part is the 2-hour sermon, or "re-education" session, where we sit around and watch... the anti-rovian sock puppet sermon.

        I'm running out of socks.

        But i'll tell you, you haven't had a real laugh till you've seen a sock puppet in a tinfoil hat.

        • I'm running out of socks.

          ah! so *now* we know what is happenening to our socks. they are being offered as sacrifices to the angry rove god?

          off with the sock's head! er, toe!

          poor buffer. i guess we just have to keep buying socks to make him feel safe and secure... and we'll just smile and nod during our "re-education" sessions.
      • Good Minio--err Citizen Number 193-44-7731, it is time to execute Order 66 - make sure you bring a clean sock.

  • I often add people to my friends list exactly because they have divergent opinions from my own. If they can fluently convey their points and argue without degrading to name calling and baseless "I am right" responses then they're someone I want to read and interact with. What better way to validate your points or gain confidence in your opinions or beliefs than to be knowledgable about alternate or opposing viewpoints?

    That is exactly why I have you, b-o, on my friends list. You're an eloquent nut-job and
  • Well said... your are a gentleman and a scholar sir.

"I will make no bargains with terrorist hardware." -- Peter da Silva