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Journal dcowart's Journal: It's been an ebay weekend.

It's been an ebay weekend. I'm getting a Sun Blade 100 workstation and a removable hard drive caddy. I've got bids in on another hard drive caddy and a 5-bay IDE hard drive cage for ATA drives. Once I combine that with a 3ware 7500 series RAID controlled I'll be in business!! W00t! I'm sticking with ATA b/c I already have a few of the same size drives to use with it. So I've been having fun spending money on ebay.

I spent some time Sunday working on my computers. I've been trying to get working on one of my PC's that has been giving me problems and I think now that the PC is finally giving up it's ghost. The sequence that normally causes the cdrom to eject now causes the machine to reboot. I've been having problems with the USB ports on it as well and the PS/2 ports have been dead for a while. So I'm assuming that there is some issue with the Northbridge (which controls those things) and so I'm dumping the motherboard :-(

I'm gaining a new one though in the form of a Sun Blade 100 though so that makes me happy. I'm going to try to port opensuse to it. LOL that should keep me off the streets for a while. I'm going to setup my workstation to serve the sources for the suse packages so I can host them out via NFS to it and use it to recompile and test, but leaving the data on the the network.

We'll see how it goes. I'm going to try to keep my journal here updated more often too. I just need to get into the habit more often.
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It's been an ebay weekend.

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