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Journal glh's Journal: So what have I been up to?? 7

It's been several months since I've last written, so I thought I'd give a quick update. Did you miss me???

Things are going pretty well. I have been busy with work, the holidays, etc. On the work front I have been getting my feet wet with managing the day-to-day software development. It's definitely a change from being a developer, but a pretty good one. I still get to stay technical but I spend a lot of time on the "people" side of things too.

On a related note, I think the IT industry is starting to bounce back a little bit, which is a positive thing. Now days a developer really needs to have the ability to learn the business.

Outside of work I have still been doing a lot with .NET development. Even more so now as I feel the need to keep my coding skills up-to-snuff since I don't get to develop as much. I am now in the process of playing around with AJAX, Atlas (Ajax + ASP.NET), continuing my adventures with Media Center, and now doing some work to get add-in applications working on the Xbox 360 extender. I did end up getting an Xbox 360- right after Christmas. Got pretty lucky and scored one at best buy (long story).

Xbox 360 has been great. I'm really impressed with the xbox live part of it... The game downloads are great. Lots of cool "arcade" type games that you can get cheap (to the tune of $4). I have downloaded just about all the demos and so far my favorite arcade game is called "Geometry Wars". It's actually a game that they put in Project Gotham Racing a while back, and decided to make an HD version and release it for the 360. Really addictive and I will most likely end up downloading the full version. Another cool thing about Xbox live is that you have a profile, get awards for doing certain things in games (that then updates your profile). You can chat with anyone at any time, and even have actual chat rooms. The wireless controllers are also really slick. Can't say there is much I don't like about it so far.. I have had absolutely no problems with lock ups, overheats, etc.

Anyway, hope everyone else is doing well. I will be out in Cincinnati the 20th and 21st. If anyone is in the area and is interested in coming to a code camp, please let me know. If you are intersted, check out the link. In addition to .NET, we will also be covering non .net development stuff like Python, Ruby on Rails, Oracle, etc. I will be co-presenting on Media Center development and Xbox 360 integration.

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So what have I been up to??

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  • You forgot the most important part: The best launch title of the 360 release (Geometry Wars) is only $5! Yes, that's $5! 400 Microsoft Points, where 80 Points currently = $1USD. How awesome is that?

  • Glad to see you... It's been a long time.

    I have an odd question: what would be a good starter to learn .NET (or C#, or isn't that the same thing? I'm a bit confused with that technology). I need a new job soon and stuff like this is in high demand.

    • Nice to hear from you...! C# is just a language in the .NET framework. It's definitely the best one to learn (in my opinion) because it is more C like, and if you learn it you will also be able to learn Java quite easily as it is very similar. Depending on your experience with programming, you may either want to take an intro class to C# or, if you are already experienced, go check out some sites on the 'net for free code and samples. for getting into web stuff. Check MSDN for other types o
      • it you will also be able to learn Java quite easily as it is very similar.

        At my former job I was considered a Java guru, so I guess I'll have to jump into the samples. Thanks :-)

  • You want to go out to dinner or something that night?
    • That'd be cool. I have a fellow co-worker that may want to join us... Just shoot me an email and we can figure something out.

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