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Journal pezstar's Journal: Breyer's can bite me 9

I called Breyer's this morning to inquire as to whether or not their extra creamy vanilla ice cream contained gluten. They REFUSED to tell me, stating that for liability reasons, in case the ingredients changed, they can't discuss which products do or do not contain gluten, but by reading the label ingredients, I should be able to ascertain that myself if I've had Celiac's Disease for more than a few weeks.

Excuse me?

I fired off a rather angry email to their customer service people and asked how I can be expected to just psychic-ally know whether the annatto coloring they use contains gluten or not, as not all do.

Grr. It's my understanding that very shortly companies will be required by federal law to state on their labels whether a product contains gluten or not. But the attitude of Breyer's just pisses me off.
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Breyer's can bite me

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  • their vanilla is safe

    and yes, they're gonna be doing that very soon, and some companies already are.

    btw i saw your comment on fark but couldn't get my ID to work. WHat do you do if you've forgotten your password?

    • Hmm, you know, I don't know! I would try emailing Drew or an admin. They tend to be pretty good about responding. I just took a quick glance around and couldn't find anything about it.

      I've been farking for years. I'm an addict. I was THRILLED to see the word "celiac" on there, and squee-d appropriately to Tom.
  • How I feel thy pain. I'm not supposed to have any sugars or sweeteners, but places use this or that here and there and it's impossible to know what's got what in it. Even "natural" stuff has high fructose corn syrup in it! Blah.

    Tell Breyer's to go take a flying leap and buy one of these [amazon.com]. I think Costco type places sell 'em with the extra container.

  • You got the "Customer Abuse" line, rather than the "Customer Service" line. You have to be careful about that. :-)

    Seriously, though, if they're going to take that attitude, I'll buy another brand. Whatever the law requires, that kind of attitude is bad all across the board. What else will they not tell us?
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  • Remember, I called them and they happily sent out a huge information/coupon packet?

    Besides, their ice cream is so much better anyway.

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