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Journal buffer-overflowed's Journal: The paragons of facism 8

Why is it that facism keeps rearing it's ugly head within the conservative camp?

I blame Reagan.

No, but seriously, what is with the rhetoric coming out of that side of the spectrum? It's not like they are more predisposed to it.

When someone says someone is anti-country they are placing the individual below the nation, and that's facism. Coulter is a facist bitch for example.

She is, don't argue. Facism feels good, and Coulter feels good. Rhetorical idiocy feels good. The military-industrial complex the supreme-allied commander warned against feels good(and pays like half our salaries).

Totally against our ideals. But hey, so what?

You can buy a congress-critter these days for 2.4 mil. Republican. State dem is cheaper. Fuck money == free speech. You take a bribe you die, and your family dies, and the ground of your estate is salted. And your name is removed from the record, anathema, never to be spoken. You and your genes and those who love you are erased. Gone. Kapoof.

Corruption in politics is worse than murder, and we should punish it appropriately. It is the ultimate betrayal. Take a dime and vote on something for the dime, we kill you, we kill your family, we kill your kids, and we kill your cousins. We nuke your identity.

That's not cruel or unusual, it's appropriate. Betrayal of the public trust is the worst crime one can commit imo. Those who do so are worse than those who rape children(don't fucking argue this, I win. Trust me).

And yet I'm anti-death penalty apart from that(it's a waste, we should indentured servitude/slave them so long as the system is fair and just). The only time it should be applied is when someone betrays the public trust. Because damnit, they deserve it. I murder you and your family, I fuck over maybe 100 people, a corrupt politician or cop fucks over thousands.

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The paragons of facism

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  • the stupidest, worst thought out, most scattered, violent drivel ever.

    Nice work.
    • Thank you, thank you. I hereby dedicate this post to you Lou. He's a Moran, but we love him anyway. =P *Bow*

      I need something else to do when suffering an insomnia attack at 5am than come up with stuff like this(it's a great state of mind for it though, alcohol helps up the necessary beligerence which you already have from knowing you're only getting like 2 hours of sleep). Any suggestions?
  • If you don't detect her as a troll, I can't help you.

    Conservatives like her because she pisses people like you off.
    • Ann doesn't piss me off, she'd have to actually make a point that's not backed up by made up shit to hit me close enough to home for me to get upset, only that would drastically improve her columns and make them at least a tad worthwhile... The people that read and quote her as if she were anything other than a poor satirist claiming not to be a satirist do. They're modern brownshirts. Hell, you even have the racism mixed in.

      Shit man, I used to read freakin' Buckley, and I think I agree with him on like
  • Marxism has been rearing its head among liberals and democrats for some 150 years.

    As far as I can tell, most people are just insane.

    That applies equally to both sides.
    • Ya want a serious comment? Ok, here ya go.

      There is nothing inherantly more wrong with marxism than there is with pure laissez-faire capitalism. In one system you toss out the rights of the visionaries and managers to exalt the producers, and in the other you do the inverse. Striking a sane balance between the two extremes has been something the US has done a passably good job at. Not so much recently, as US industry has felt pressure from everything *but* labor becoming a commodity, which is seriously s
      • Has a lot that is structually wrong with it. The doctorine of collectivism means that any individual opinion is inherently wrong, and that innovation of any kind is structually biased against. The worker and the management are not the only stakeholders, and Marxism treats them as such.

        Far worse than the abstract effect upon innovation is the harm done to the creative spirit. The essence that buoys society with perpetual freshness that necessitates minor upheavals is stymied, since all new beginnings by

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