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Journal pezstar's Journal: Holy crap. The world loves me again. (also, list of stuff) 4

Once financial stability is regained and useless gadgetry can again be purchased, this is at the top of my list:

Man, do ever want that. Talk about awesome. For those who don't know, I'm an absolute Pez freak. I even have a pez tattoo. Picture here: .

It's the weekend! Next week looks promising, and as long as Trmj and I both work every day next week (also looks promising) we will be able to afford to go home to NC for Christmas. If not, then we can't, but I refuse to even entertain that thought, and I deserve to see my family, so the world isn't allowed to be cruel this time. I declare it illegal.

How're you all?
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Holy crap. The world loves me again. (also, list of stuff)

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  • by Abm0raz ( 668337 ) *
    you need to clean up your root directory. Too much picture clutter.

    btw, I think I got caught rummaging through it as it started refusing my connections about 20% of the way through ;) Either that or I pushed you over your bandwidth limit.

    • It's just my picture hosting space. It's my pal Roy's website on his own server, and god know's he's not awake this time of day to catch you. :p There's not much interesting there.
  • it just got weird during the transition

    i've noticed this, the world gets confused during the changeovers.

  • i think it might be getting to be time to get another one for the old blinder here. its been a year since my last one (my arm).

    we're looking at the back of my neck... a celtic knot in the form of an 'x'

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