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Journal rholliday's Journal: Lots of work completed.

My friend and I have finished our sweeping set of changes to our website. And you damn well better go see them, too.

The Daily Wheel:
The host site. News, comics, games, the whole shebang.

A random link/post/rant site open to the public. Go and tell us about that one thing that one time.

I'd Hit It:
A site that ranks user-submitted girls for everyone's perusal. You know you're damn hot and want us to take a peek. Go submit yourelf.

Survival Guide:
A web-basted strategy game about the post-apocalyptic earth.

Reinventing the Wheel:
A comic about science, video games, computers, and whatever else.

Science Fight:
Fighting the battle for science in America's schools, one snide comment at a time.

Daily Wheel Gear:
Support the site, look damn sexy. Don't incur my wrath.

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Lots of work completed.

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