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Journal Work Account's Journal: Winner of this week's NFL pick'em & Pick'em for MNF tonite! 1

Work Account (that is me) won this week's NFL pick'em challenge 6-4, besting the 2nd place finisher ShadowWrought.

Pick'em for tonite's Monday Night Football game but be sure to include the total # of points scored. Whoever picks the winning team and has the point total closest to the real total (going over is OK, this is not the Price Is Right) wins.

Monday, October 31, 2005
9:00 pm
Baltimore 2-4
Pittsburgh 4-2

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Winner of this week's NFL pick'em & Pick'em for MNF tonite!

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  • I knew I should have just stolen your picks;-) Tonight's reult, 24-3 Pittsburgh. I decided to be forgiving to Baltimore and threw them a token Field Goal. The sad part is, they recover a fumble on the ten, and still aren't able to do mroe with it than kick a field goal. Sad, sad day for Baltimore.

    Which brings me to this non-sequitor...
    Apple Core!
    What's my name?

Vitamin C deficiency is apauling.