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Journal the_mad_poster's Journal: I Just Solved The Universe, ,Now for the Rubic's Cube 3

Naturally, the first place I thought to post this undirected thought process was on the /b/ (random) board of 4chan about 7 minutes ago, albeit with a significantly more obscene trailer.

Because I know when I think 4chan, I think intellectual clarity.

According to string theory, our entire universe is compromised of subatomic 1-dimensional strings vibrating at specific frequencies.

In addition, there's an idea out there that our Universe is just one of many floating on 'branes'.

Well, I was thinking... what if the ways in which gravity "distorts" our universe (e.g. massive objects like black holes and enormous stars have a huge distorting effect and smaller planets and planetoids and molecules have smaller and minute effects) is just the way in which the brane we're floating on is told how to "vibrate".

That would mean that, potentially, our entire universe appears as a 1-dimensional "string" to outside observers, and as only a limitlessly tiny portion of a whole other, much larger (from our perspective) universe.

That would also mean that the 1-dimensional strings WE percieve might be entire universes.

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I Just Solved The Universe, ,Now for the Rubic's Cube

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  • ... but I've repeatedly observed that, with almost everything in nature, the smaller you get or the bigger you get, the more stuff looks the same... fractals are one example, also atoms look like solar systems, the spiral is another recurring theme in nature, ie galaxies, whirlpools, tornadoes etc etc... when I think of the concept it has the shape of a torus, if that means anything... I'll shut up now...

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