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Journal dcowart's Journal: Captain Keys is a pain in the butt still...

I've gone back to playing Halo for a while on the harder setting. I forgot how much I disliked Captain Keys. The jerk keeps getting captured or crashing space ships and so a lot of the game is driven by rescuing him. It's a great game though. It probably has the best story behind the game of any I've ever played. It brings back good memories of playing with Bill, one of my old roommates, and seeing the guilty spark (a game character) saying, "I've got a bad feeling about this". You can't shoot the guilty spark no matter how hard you try. And while he's not evil, he is doing his job trying to destroy the solar system. Flood are still just as creepy and I still curse like a maniac as they come jumping out from everywhere. There still is an element of fear b/c I know they are coming and I know they are going to do a lot of damage before I kill them. It's a game where I'll still jump around when I hear them attacking me.

In other news I've been thinking of trying to start a tech support group for non-profit groups. Something cheaper than the other rip-offs and something more permenant than the-guy-that-knows-something-about-pc's . I don't know if it could take off, but I think it could. I don't know what kind of capital I would need either. It seems like a strange thing to do, but I can see something of a need out there.


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Captain Keys is a pain in the butt still...

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