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Journal Big Dogs Cock's Journal: Live from HackerCon 2002 3

"Hi, my name's Bob Haxor the world's first Open Source comedian. I'm pleased to be here in LA tonight and it's great to see all you guys and ... All you guys in the audience.

So, my grandmother got a new Dell with Windows XP on it and you know it's never had a virus. That's because it blue screens before she can read her e-mail!

Thank you.

So, how many patent lawyers does it take to change a lightbulb? Like, loads because they would have to patent the process or something.

Women eh? Is anybody here married? ... OK, we'll skip that one. Anyway, one day I was rebuilding my kernel to add support for a sound card and I realised, all these people giving away their money to Bill Gates who's like got billions of dollars already. Are they dumb or what?

Thank you. Here's another: why didn' the RIAA cross the road? Because they don't get it!

That's all from me tonight. You've been a lovely audience.I'd just like to remind you that all my material is Open Source and can be downloaded from my website at in PDF format."
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Live from HackerCon 2002

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