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Journal BobPaul's Journal: nVidia Graphics & World File Woes

My nVidia 6600 graphics card (Asus, refurb) came in the mail from NewEgg a couple of weeks ago. Had it setup Dual Monitor, with Xinerama extensions, and full 3D in less than an hour. So much better than ATI.

However, I lost my world file last night, so that's a bit of a problem. Lesson learned: Gentoo users, back up your world file! If you don't, this might be of use

It's really strange, though, as it wasn't half empty or anything, it was just plain empty. I ran out of space running "emerge --update --deep --newuse world" so the compilation failed. I freed up some space, and then ran it again, whereby it finished the last 10 packages or so it needed. I then ran "emerge --depclean" which removes redundant packages (dependencies that are no longer in use).

Since my world file was gone, depclean noticed that I had no dependencies what-so-ever, since I no longer had any packages installed. It promptly began removing everything I've installed since initial setup. When gcalctool flew by the uninstall list, I perked up a bit. When Gaim was trying to uninstall, I stopped. So that's been fun.

All in all, I'm not really sure I can say Linux is more work than Windows, or vice versa. I just had a close one there and it's taken me a while to recover, but I've experienced the same in Windows. I can't update 99.5% of all software on my system with 1 command in windows, but then I also don't have to worry about it uninstalling everything automatically by mistake.

I reboot to Windows once or twice a week to run the Quartus II demo I need for class, but I'll be running that in KQemu soon. I figure I can get free Windows through the MSDN, so I may as well use it, even if I'm not going to use it as my primary OS.

Oh, and Widgets are cool ;)

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nVidia Graphics & World File Woes

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