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Journal Tau Zero's Journal: Slashdot journal theme is BUGGY 3

Some element in the new theme is causing the journal icons to overlay journal links and even text. This makes it impossible to read a journal entry directly (the only accessible link is the comments, and THEN you can get to an un-obscured link to the entry body), and parts of the text can only be read by changing the text size to get it to wrap differently or by blocking images from images.slashdot.org. (Even with images blocked, you can't click through to journal entries; you go to a search function instead.)

For crying out loud, we shouldn't have to do this. How hard is it to test things before shoving them onto everyone?

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Slashdot journal theme is BUGGY

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  • Odd. I am using Firefox 1.0.7 on this machine, and the journals have given me no trouble at all.

    Which browser are you using, if you don't mind my asking?

    I haven't seen a lot of the problems that others seem to be experiencing, except for the initial problem of the white footer text on a white background, which they later fixed. I thought the new standards were supposed to make it more readable for more browsers, but it seems that people reading it in certain modes or in certain browsers are having even m
    • Mozilla 5.0 (which I know is old, but worked just fine until these new revs).

      I kill all the colors on web pages anyway, so I neither see nor care what /. has done with them.

      • I jumped over to my Mozilla 1.7.6 Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.6) Gecko/20050319 install and still don't see the overlay. :/ Hmmm. I wonder if perhaps we might have different plug-ins.

        I understand the frustration when something that used to work suddenly doesn't, though.
        Someone in the Journal Circle was talking about creating a new Stylesheet for Slashdot. If they get that done and create something better than what is here now, I will be sure to pop back over here and let you

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