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Journal zeronode's Journal: Bah Wimmins

Bah. TGF is starting to get on the "I need more time with you" kick. It seems my stop off last friday to see friend from the old job didn't sit to well. I was only there for an hour, and drank three glasses of water (I don't drink).

I work, she doesn't. She's suppose to be in school, but it doesn't look like she'll make it this term. So she does the housewife kind of thing.

So it seems like she feels like she's short changed because by the time the kids get to bed, there is only one hour for "us" time before I go to bed. No, I won't stay up later. I need to keep my sleeping hours very scheduled or all unmanner of unseemly things happen.

I don't understand wimmins.

Funny, it seems the complaints she had about Jack are now becoming the same complaints about me.


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Bah Wimmins

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