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Journal Safety Cap's Journal: Rita Update - found more water, gas is really hard to find 1

I invited one of my Guitar mates to crash at our place if his caves in - he lives in a really flimsy place (aluminum roof), so if the wind blows hard enough, it will probably go. I also spoke with our next door neighbor to let her know to bang on our door if she needed anything, but she said she was going to stay with friends in north Houston.

The SO took me to work in her car this morning, so we can preserve the gas in the Prius. Since the Prius has nearly a full tank, we'll use that if we have to go to Austin, San Antonio or Dallas because it can go father on less. According to some of the people at work who have friends/relatives who've already left, Dallas is close to 20 hours away (normally 3 1/2) and San Antonio/Austin are about 12 each (normally about 3 as well). I guess most people are going north. Meanwhile, I-10 is a parking lot (picture).

On the way to work, we stopped at the local grocery store and they had water bottles coming out the wazoo! We picked up three cases, so that should take care of the water needs for at least a week.

Every gas station within a 2 mile radius of home is kaput. We didn't want to drive around any more and waste gas trying to find gas, but the SO found an actual operational gas station after she dropped me off. Yay!

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Rita Update - found more water, gas is really hard to find

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  • The major issue isn't just with gas potentially running out, it's with the gas stations closing once the hurricane hits. It's quite remarkable how much stuff you depend on shuts down if the power lines to an entire area have problems.

    If it hits, and it's serious, then you'll find supermarkets getting rid of their food open as soon as people are allowed to travel, but many main roads will be impassable, many of those driving will not realise how different their driving has to be when traffic signals are di

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