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Journal Henry V .009's Journal: Improving Slashdot Moderation 1

I have a few suggestions for how Slashdot should improve moderation:
  • Reduce the value of positive moderations for the earliest posts and increase the value of positive moderations made to later posts. The highest rated comments aren't generally the best comments. They're the first comments.
  • Allow anybody to "rate" a comment once it gets to +5 This allows the best +5s to be picked out from the pile.
  • Remove the Flamebait moderation. I've never seen this one used correctly.
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Improving Slashdot Moderation

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  • A certain number of slashdot insiders have unlimited mod points. I read that some other slashdotters felt that some of the privileged insiders abused their unlimited mod points.

    Then I experienced it for myself. I participated in a discussion in a JE. Sometimes you get people telling you that what you posted was "off-topic". I have even had people tell me I was off-topic in my own journals. Well, this guy told me I was "off-topic". He didn't say, "this is my JE". He didn't say, "I have unlimited mod

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