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Journal RAMMS+EIN's Journal: Independent Music Recommendation Sites? 2

Today I decided I wanted to listen to some hard rock music that also had some nice melodic/classical parts in it; the type that Cradle of Filth makes. I would like to support independent artists (now that we have the Internet, it's perfectly possible to get your music distributed without the help of the traditional distributors). However, I don't know which artists make the songs that I like, and I don't want to spend all day trying songs from different bands more or less randomly until I find what I like.

Years ago, one of the large online music sites (I forget which one) had a service where they would recommend bands based on which ones you liked. I also vaguely recall a site recommending independent artists, based on a list of mainstream artists that you selected. I am looking for such a site.

Can any of you recommend a site where I can enter or select some mainstream band and/or song names, and then get recommendations for songs to try? Preferably, the songs should be available in Ogg Vorbis format, but any format that XMMS can play is fine, really. I don't mind paying (a little) for songs, but I must be able to listen to the full song first, and I refuse to pay any subscription fee.

If a site that does this doesn't exist yet, or there aren't any good sites that provide these services, would any of you be willing to help me set up one? I have the skills to build such a site, but I lack time and the money to pay for bandwidth.

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Independent Music Recommendation Sites?

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  • Don't know of any sites offhand; I generally just go about things in the illegal ways, and then actually pay for the physical packaging and disks when I actually find I want to keep listening to the albums.

    Speaking of that, I actually bought an album in vinyl that might satisfy what you're looking for. Not quite, but it's at least of a vaguely similar taste: you might have heard of "...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead []" already, but if you haven't, they're worth checking out. Not entirely sure w
  • I know they're not independent, but if you like the Cradle of Filth sound, you'd probably like Dimmu Borgir as well.

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