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Journal BobPaul's Journal: Why won't ATI just let me play Tuxracer, damnit?

Got my second monitor working. Perhaps the ATI drivers actually are good for something.

No, not really ;)

It still won't let me run 2 X servers for dual head, so I set it up for "1 Big Screen" which, I assume, is similar to xinerama. That works, but maximizing windows is no longer a function I can perform.

And I still don't have 3D support, prompting me to sign the petition. While I've always enjoyed the ATI AiW products (I have a couple) I haven't had cable since I moved off campus, plus I own a real TV, and nVidia actually supports linux as if they had customers using it...

Looks like it'll be nVidia now and a standalone TV Card (haupauge?) later on when I get cable again...

Now I just need to pick out a cheap nVidia card

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Why won't ATI just let me play Tuxracer, damnit?

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