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Journal D_Fresh's Journal: It's a red letter day for moi!

My my, this is turning into quite a day. Not only do I buy a new G4 hot off the presses, I also get a story accepted by /.! Very exciting. If you haven't seen the story, it's a real nail-biter about...bar codes, a.k.a. UPC symbols, and how they're being lengthened at no small expense to U.S. retailers. Not exactly the type of story I'd imagined myself submitting, but I caught the link at the bottom of Wired.com and thought it might interest the /. community. Judging by the comments posted already, it's doing OK for itself.

In other news, I bought that new Mac I've been yammering about for the past couple of days (much longer, if you ask my wife). I had to get the low-end one, as predicted, but I sported it up with some additional RAM (512 MB total), a SuperDrive so I can back up to DVD-R, a GeForce 4 Titanium so I can, er, look at more polygons and stuff, and a SCSI PCI card so I can still use my old Zip100 drive and all the backup disks I have. I didn't get an LCD monitor, nor the Apple Pro Speakers, but I don't need them right away - I just need me a new Mac with Jag-wire. Should be shipping in a week or so, barring any major slowdowns - I just hope my wife doesn't go ballistic when she hears I spent a teeny bit more than we'd agreed upon. :)

So that's my success for the day - enough, if you ask me. I also called my old employer and talked to my ex-manager, who was very sweet despite the fact that she doesn't fscking listen to me at all, and I remembered how it drives me mad. (I mean she literally steps all over you when you try to talk, even when it's "your turn" in the conversation. Try working for someone like that!) Even though I left there almost 5 months ago they still miss me and talk about me, which is flattering and makes me feel wanted. When you haven't been working for nearly half a year you forget how productive and good you were when you actually had stuff to do.

Maybe I'll pick up a few extra fans from this story posting, who knows. Not that I'm expecting them or anything, but a boy can dream. If you're out there, fans, and you're reading this drivel, drop me a line, or a comment. Let's get a conversation going or something. Tell me Macs suck in an articulate way, tell me my /. story blows goats sideways behind a barn, tell me why I'm suddenly hallucinating that the phone is ringing...god, I'm going insane.

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It's a red letter day for moi!

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