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Journal Tomble's Journal: Mothballs 3

*tap tap tap* Is this thing still working?
/blows off cobwebs

Well hello again, remember me? I buggered off ages ago when feeling very very arggh (and whilst already wanting to severely cut back on my Slashdotting in order to free up more time). I think after I got my head back in order (which didn't take too long) the plan had been to stay away until I'd got a bunch of shit sorted out, but much such shit got badly delayed, and after a while didn't look half as worthwhile as it had, etc and so eventually got abandoned...

So I figured instead I'd keep using the time to work on stuff, but occasionally lurked here and there (and caught up on various peoples' news, the good the bad and the awful). Then I noticed it was very nearly a year since I'd gone, and I didn't want to look like I was some big drama queen, or I didn't like everyone- I am only medium-sized and mostly stay away from the people I don't like. So I'm sort of buggering back in a limited capacity (which I have of course said before and it din't work then). This will probably be my last JE here, but I should be reading a bit and commenting something like twice a week or so.

There is also the vaguely amusing side effect for those whose /. date displays don't show years (or who aren't paying attention) that this journal will appear to predate the previous one by this timing.

Meanwhile, I've been posting on my still-b0rken website more regularly (whilst regularly intending to fix the site management software but...), and got meself a Livejournal account- which was mostly just intended to occasionally comment in Interrobang's journals there (firstly meant to make an account to distinguish myself from some obnoxious troll who was pestering her, and then had to as she disabled anonymous posting before I got around to it). Livejournal I find surprisingly neat, as for a start it seems a lot better designed than Slashdot's journal system. Plus you can get a better picture of what sort of people you're interacting with, and if you feel like it, find random like-minded people there. People are welcome to comment in my occasional journals there, but note that I don't allow anonymous users to do so- too open to abuse.

So anyhow. Here I am run out of much to say. Could do with something to eat, I think the pizza in the freezer's for another night which is a shame, it's a lovely ham+pineapple one. Also spotted in my absence that there was actually a film of History of the World (Part 1)? No wonder I could never figure out what anyone was on about. Who the fuck did they get to play Dave Vanian?

Oh yes, and it probably goes without saying by posting this, that I'm ok, not hurt in the bombings (I'm nowhere near London); the only people close to me that I'm aware of being in London are fine too (as stated on my site blog thing). I'm no longer worrying very much about that, I simply hope they catch those responsible (if they're still around), prevent further attacks, and keep off our civil liberties. It seems absurd for our leaders to say things like "These people want to destroy our way of life" and then set about destroying our way of life to (apparently) stop them.

Now then... Questions? Hellos? Abuse? Money? Pr0n? Other?

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