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Journal BobGarcia's Journal: Performant. Unless you speak French, it ain't a word.

There's a guy affiliated with a Certain Big Software Producer.
The CBSP calls these people "Regional Directors". The first time I encountered said person at a small (<50) conference of industry movers and shakers*, he kept using the word "Performant" in relation to whatever-the-hell he was espousing.

Anyway, let's try some etymology:

Perform -> verb. "To do something"
Performance -> noun. "Something done"
Performant -> adj. "Does Something"

Great, the product does something.

Performance -- like quality, temperature, pressure, gravity, and mass -- is a property with no intrinsic position on the good-o-meter.

That's why I can promise that my mission is to:

"Provide Quality and Performant Products".

You have my guarantee!

*I'm not quite a shaker. More of a rattler, really.
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Performant. Unless you speak French, it ain't a word.

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