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The Gimp

Journal SimianOverlord's Journal: I'm drunk and it's all OnLawn's fault 2

You see (this will go down on my permanent record), I invented an OnLawn drinking game.

It's quite simple - but the beauty lies in the simplicity, you see. For this you need:
  • Abouta week's worth of posts by OnLawn
    • A bottle of "liquor" as you Yanks callit
      • (optional) An open communicative portal with a like minded Slarshdort regular

        The RULES

        The RULES are very simple. You must take a drink whenever you come across a post of OnLawn's made in the last week where he does one of the following: (if you are playing with a friend, the first to paste the uuuuh-rl gets the drink)

        Take a drink ifffffffffff......

        OnLawn says: "I'm chuckling as I write this"
        OnLawn posts more than 5 times in one thread in any one journal
        OnLawn gets the last post in a thread
        He misspells something
        He writes something that makes no obvious sense, from the point of view of the standard rules for grammar and the glorious English language, God save our Queen.
        OnLawn accuses someone of being something he seems to be
        OnLawn mocks Tom Hudson, T_M_P, or agrees with RailGunner, nccWTF, Mike Hawk etc.
        OL jumps into a thread of which he has played no part to add meta-thread detail ie. "You are against the ropes / You have lost / You have been played off the park / Game, Set and Match"
        OL repeats his word of the week ie egregious (word of the week can be identified by careful analysis of several posts)

        I only read one post of his and I'm drunk as a skunk.

        P.S. If he references "Men's News Daily" or the "WSJ" or mentions gay marriage in a journal entry you have to drink a double.
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I'm drunk and it's all OnLawn's fault

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  • Farnbach still posts to /.? I didn't realize that.

    You know, it really shows how inconsequential someone is if the only time they are being referenced anywhere is in the context of being ridiculed :\
    • Remember that old TV commercial - "Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything"? Maybe he's into coprophagia ...

      For some reason he hasn't been posting in any of the threads I post to. Or maybe he read "Bedfellows" in the June edition of Fantasy and Science Fiction, which is a story about George Bush and Osama bin Laden getting married, and had a haemorrhage.

      Some particularly choice quotes (condensed):

      Reporter: How did you meet?
      W: Oh, we've been chasing each other for years.


      Reporter: What do you see in e

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