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Journal tomhudson's Journal: New Poll - Camera-free Cell Phones 18

Okay, here's the thing - I lost my Motorola V300 camera phone Sunday night, so I had to dig out my old V60. And you know what? I *LIKE* my old V60 so much that if the new phone turns up, I'm giving it away.

While I was at the store re-activating my old phone, I asked if they had any non-camera phones in stock - and they only had one, and it wasn't a Motorola, so ... I passed. I think the manufacturers are missing something here, because a few of the people I've talked to in the last few days say they'll never buy another camera phone (bulkier, don't use the camera after the first few weeks, etc).

So, time for a new poll:

Would you buy another camera phone

[ ] Yes, I love mine
[ ] No, I think they're useless
[ ] I'd prefer not to, if they're about the same price
[ ] I haven't tried one yet - thinking about it
[ ] I haven't tried one yet - and NOT thinking about it
[ ] I don't have a cell phone, you ignorant clod
[ ] CowboyNeal is my camera

Just as long as you don't us it for taking pictures of this (thanks to Michael Hunt for the new link)

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New Poll - Camera-free Cell Phones

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  • the cameria is awfull normaly and they never have enough memory , Though i did enjoy using it at a museem which disallowed cammeras I had to pretend i had a cough to cover up the snap sound it artifically made
  • I don't have a cell phone, you ignorant clod

    I'm still waiting for a phone to come out that features a DSP that I worked on. Maybe if I spent less time reading /. there might be one in production by now....

    But seriously, I would probably buy one with a camera initially. Mostly for the gadget factor - since I've not had one, I'd have to find out personally how useless it is.

  • I've got a SE P900 and I love it :)

    It's obviously no good as a pure camera, but for the random little "ooh" shots, its good enough.

    I think theres still a fair few Nokia phones here in the UK that you can buy without a camera though
  • I have some slight use of the camera on my Treo600, but I would rather have the chance to buy one without the cost of that gadget.
    Then again, I would like to run emacs on my phone, so WTF do I know? :)
  • The only "camera phone" I ever had was a bizarre Sony Ericsson where the camera came with the phone but plugged into the bottom. Once plugged in, the thing worked roughly the same way other SE phones work, but, of course, you never really carry around the camera because it's another thing to lose, so what's the point?

    To make matters worse, that particular phone was a cheap plasticy piece of crap anyway. I only got it because it was "free", I used the account with my Nokia 9290, and later, when that starte

  • Can I have it (post to the related journal article for contact info)?

    My wife lost hers (a non camera model) after having another one stolen, so we are forced with paying full price for a phone. Meanwhile, my wife is looking for a digital camera to use in her classroom to make a classroom webpage, etc.

    anyway: my answer was "[X] I haven't tried one yet - thinking about it"

  • Got it last week, and I love it. It does, regretably, have a camera. My request was a physically large non-flip phone, as I can't stand talking into a pack of gum. I don't have any real complaints about it yet, and even managed to get a few pics of a good jam session and then a bloody injury (unrelated, we think) at a party Friday night.

    I did ask for something non-flip, non-microscopic and non-photographic with a monocrhome screen... that went nowhere fast. Sign o' the times, I suppose.

  • One of the few that AT&T had without a camera. If I want a camera, I'll take my camera with me. I have a decent digicam (Fuji Finepix somethingorother). The 'luxury' my phone has is a color screen, with which to display the CUTEST DOG IN THE WORLD. :D
  • (I can never remember which letters they double, so I double them all just to be sure.)

    Anyway, I'm quite happy with it -- as a phone. The first think I like about it is it has an ordinary dialpad. I hate/loathe/am-physically-repulsed-by Nokia's stupid, useless swooshy keypads. I don't want to have to look at the buttons in order to dial -- I expect the numbers and buttons to be lined up nicely in four rows of three even columns. Anything that requires me to think or be distracted by just wastes my tim

  • I'm in the

    [ ] I haven't tried one yet - and NOT thinking about it


    Can't have cameras at work :x

    That and I haven't had any of the "damn I wish I had a camera" moments, or wanted to pay even more for a cell phone/bill.
    Its already a bend-you-over-fun time for $49.99**

    ** + $10 if you happen to be facing south, north, or east, $9 if you happen to face west.. per call type bullshit.

  • [ ] A: Yes, I love mine
    [ ] B: No, I think they're useless
    [ ] C: I'd prefer not to, if they're about the same price
    [ ] D: I haven't tried one yet - thinking about it
    [X] E: I haven't tried one yet - and NOT thinking about it
    [ ] F: I don't have a cell phone, you ignorant clod
    [ ] G: CowboyNeal is my camera

    In addition to them being against the rules at work, I find them just a fad. HOWEVER, I should point out that several sexual predators and flashers have been caught by quick thinking school girls armed with
  • by RM6f9 ( 825298 )
    While I don't think you're an ignorant clod, I don't (and won't) have a cell phone - I bought one for my wife for emergencies (A ball and chain for the ol' ball and chain, if you will), but I enjoy being free of telephones when not at work. If I need to contact someone, I'll find a pay-phone, or wait until I'm home, and/or email them.
  • "[X] I don't have a cell phone, you ignorant clod"

    I'm poor =P
    • When I got my cell, I worked out the price difference between getting a home phone installed, plus 2 years service, and the 2-year contract with all the rebates the cell company offered. Worked out that the difference was something like $5/month over 2 years. So I got a cell phone instead of a land line. p.I figure I'm not home about half the time (work, out, driving, etc.) so a landline wouldn't be nearly as useful for me.
  • by elmegil ( 12001 ) *
    I guess I'm the only one here who 1) doesn't have one and 2) actually would like to get one. Actually not so much for me, but for my wife, who finds herself frequently saying "damn, where's the camera" when our son is doing something particularly cute or amusing. As much as I love my Olympus digital, it ain't real convenient to carry around.

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