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Journal SimianOverlord's Journal: More Republican Cognitive Dissonance

Newsweek is incredible! They printed inflammatory allegations that have caused deaths around the globe based on single source! How could they do such a thing?

You critics are incredible! While we may have deliberately manipulated public opinion with inflammatory allegations like 'Saddam had mobile chemical weapons labs' based on a single source, it's no big deal. Get over it!

The CIA's assessment that Iraq had secret arsenals of deadly bioweapons, the report said, "was based largely on reporting from a single human source," Curveball, even though his reporting "came into question in late 2002." The failure to communicate serious concerns about him to Powell and other policy makers "represents a serious failure of management and leadership," the commission concluded.

I see Malkin's providing her usual unintentionally hilarious commentary "Newsweek lied*, People died". Following the asterix leads us to:
"* Didn't think I needed to s-p-e-l-l i-t o-u-t, but some readers asked for clarification. Newsweek was reckless and sloppy and wrong. But I do not think the magazine "lied." Just thought it a very appropriate moment to do a boomerang on the moonbats' most dishonest and annoying meme."

Let me paraphrase: "* Although I said Newsweek lied, they didn't. I didn't think I needed to make that clear for my readers, who must be aware by now I make shit up all the time. I just thought it was appropriate to show how the "moonbats" use lying and annoying phrases. I did this by err...lying and... errr...echoing a phrase to annoy them. Goddam moonbats wouldn't see the logic in that."

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More Republican Cognitive Dissonance

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