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Journal eugene ts wong's Journal: Oops. I forgot to say thanks. 2

Thanks, FortKnox, for putting on the contest. I really enjoyed it and appreciated the opportunity. The next time you have a contest, let us know how we can help. I'm sure that there are qualified people who can help build the components. For example, a component can receive the photos, and sort them out. Another component could spew out some html. Another component could build a messaging system. Another could handle the revealing of the names after the contest is over.

subgeek, thanks for sticking up for me in that thread, where the anonymous coward said something about being gay. I didn't put much thought into it, because anonymous cowards seem to make such comments so often, but it is very encouraging to hear you say nice things about me.

Take care.

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Oops. I forgot to say thanks.

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