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Journal bmetzler's Journal: Liberty and Justice For All ... To Marry? 4

Reading our local paper's article on the marriage rally at our Capital today, I came across this interesting quote.

"I thought the Pledge of Allegiance said 'liberty and justice for all,''' Benjamin said. "I didn't see any parentheses that said, 'except for homosexuals.'''

Who knew. I had no idea that the Pledge of Allegiance was written with marriage in mind.

Consequently, with Marriage being our new inalienable right, I know lots of singles who should sue for marraige benefits. I mean really, if it's that inalienable, why deny it to anyone. Requiring someone to find another person to become one with them to receive an unalienable right raises the bar a little high, don'tcha thing?

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Liberty and Justice For All ... To Marry?

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  • You know, I just finished writing a piece on Opine about the problem of always chasing what we want in America by calling it a "right".

    Its called, "Civil Libertarian Wedding Bells []"

    We have rights, that is sure.
  • That's why there shouldn't be any secular benefits for marriage. The problem isn't that gay people want to get married, it's that we recognize secular benefits for a religious institution.

  • Which is more important?

    The Pledge of Allegience, if I remember correctly, was adopted by Congress in the 1950s. I don't think it has any real legal standing with respect to what is promised and what isn't.

    The Declaration of Independence, on the other hand, was written in 1776, and was designed to stipulate a few points the Colonies believed that the British Crown had erred. It therefore declared the collective independence of the 13 Colonies from the British government.

    The DoI says "all men are creat

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