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Journal metlin's Journal: Just what we need - a hardliner for a Pope 12


Sometimes my powers of prescience startle me.

Just the one guy that I do not want elected Pope gets elected Pope.

Yeah, just what we need. Yet another hardliner right wing nut-job for a Pope. As if the world wasn't full of them already. Oh yeah, we need more of these folks. Absolutely. Yup.

I'll be surprised if the human race makes it very far.

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Just what we need - a hardliner for a Pope

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  • Then, if Billary had run for Pres., you expect the Republicans to "see their woman and raise them a minority" in the form of Condoleeza Rice.
    A black pope and a black US President. Who'd'a thunk?
    You know it's the Bavarian Illuminati and the Semi-Conscious Liberation Army running things, anyway...
  •'s his health? Let's see how long he lasts...
  • Well, let's give him the benefit of a doubt and see what he actually does (of course it's easy for me to say that when here nobody cares about what the pope says).

    He's an old guy who very well might have clinched the papacy by agreeing to being a transitory pope and - as some speculate - he might even resign at 80. I like that he has a scholar background (Professor of Theology in 1960s) and has an intellect that even his critics seem to praise. Smart conservatives, even religously influenced ones, can usu

    • Smart conservatives, even religously influenced ones, can usually be reasoned with.

      Don't bet on it. Intelligence can also breed arrogance, nor does it preclude ignorance.

      Myself excepted, of course.



    • Oh come on.

      Just how likely is it anyway? Dude was part of the Hitler Youth, and they make him a Pope.

      Intelligence is a double edged sword - he might just argue his ground a lot more passionately using his knowledge to his benefit.

      Anyway, I do hope you are right.
      • > Sometimes my powers of prescience startle me.
        > Yet another hardliner right wing nut-job for a Pope.

        John Paul II was widely acknowledged to be a huge success as Pope. Despite being telegenic, he was also a hardliner (except in matters of reaching out to other faiths). So how is it surprising that the church would decide to go along with more of the same?

        > threats against faith from Marxism, liberalism, atheism and 'radical individualism.'

        I'd say it's progress that the Catholic church qualifies
  • Here's a couple of sites featuring the new emperor Darth Benedict [] and this one. []
    • WTF is this? I post in someone's JOURNAL and get modded overrated?

      Does some pathetic soul have a life so worthless that they have nothing better to do than mod journal entries down? Man, that is quite possibly the single largest waste of oxygen molecules aggravating the face of the planet today.

      If you'd show your face, we could enshrine it in the Wikipedia as the definition of the penultimate loser. Just think, you'd be famous -- we could have public service announcements featuring your picture, and

      • ROTFL!

        You know, that should have been modded funny and not overrated.

        You probably pissed off some hardliner catholic dude. :-p

        Man, I do feel bad -- but I can't help it, it's quite really funny (the whole thing - the link, your post, the moderation and your response).

        Sorry, mate!

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