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Journal Felinoid's Journal: Pushed away from The Napping Cats dream

I'm just posting this to get things off my chest.
Nothing more nothing less.

Back around 2001 I started RPing on a message board for fans of the online comic "Master Zen Dao Meow" I was one of the few people doing some light roleplaying there.
I created a furry character (later called an avatar) to interact with the characters taken directly from the comic (and RPed by Pat who writes the comic).

The message board evolved into a full blown role play community and Pat clames I've played a major role in this. I think he overstates the matters.

In short after RPing on what is now called "The Dream" with zero complaints you could say I'm familure with the rules.

About November 2003 some of the new artists to the team have desided I'm breaking the rules. The artist is misquoting the rules. It gets strange enough I deside to leave chat and calm down.

When I return annother artist (someone I've never seen before and didn't even know was an artest) starts on me.
I attempt to resolve the issue but that person won't even tell me what is wrong so I drop a note with someone in charge so we can resolve it. The artist in question tells the moderators nothing happend.

In the months that folowed I'm being taunted by annother artist. A friend of the first two.

After about a year of harrasment someone brings up the issue of trolls and how to get rid of them. I bring up there is only one troll and we shouldn't get rid of her.
The first artist shows and clames I'm trying to get rid of the trolling arist.

So I try to sell off my characters. If they are as valuable as Pat clames they should fetch a pritty penny. I sure as hell don't want to be around there any longer.
So the artist who started all this starts accusing me of doing this 3 times before[1]. She says she told me before it was breaking the rules to do so. That is a lie. She also repeates the clame I'm trying to push her friend of the forum that is also a lie.
Pat joins and clears things up. He appears very annoyed with everyone involved however. (Me included).
After the badmouthing I pritty much had enough and said so. The troll artist folows up by trying to put words in my mouth and make me out to be saying I'm leaving becouse of what Pat said when I've made it pritty clear I'm leaving becouse of her ongoing harrasment.
I realise she's just flinging crap just to fling crap and there is no point in responding to her BS so I ignore her.
Later on Pat locks the thread. It's annoying him.

[1] First time I tried to sell my avatar I only asked if it was possable.
Pat said no. But the wording lead me to beleave he felt only I could handle my characters not that it was actually against the rules.
Second time I wasn't even talking about selling avatars. I was talking about trying to make money to pay my bills. The artist that started this joinned the thread and started trash talking for no apparent reason. I ignored her.
She derailed the thread enough to make it appear this was the second attempt. My long winded post didn't help much so nobody read what I said and instead went on her much shorter trash talk to figure out what I want.
As such I got some very good advice with reguards to my avatar but that really had nothing to do with the issue.
The third time I just came out and tryed to sell the characters and all the rights to same.
Two of the three artists joinned and started trash talking me. Patric clarifed the rules and explained he wasn't going to enforce them.
With that I was pritty well done.

This is what I think really happend.
Pat made a big deal about my involvement with the dream from the very start. This ticked off some of the new artists.
A few months later I'm in a RP with one of thies artists and she starts making like I don't know the rules.


Even before I joinned the dream I was "The Evil Ranter" posting my conservitive opinions on an otherwise libral message board.
I was ruining somebodys libral paradise.


I don't RP her way and she can not handle it.


Somebody discribed her as a lousy artist. I'm not one of the offical artists but I do draw a lot.
The offical artists are paid.
I hope this isn't the reason. All the offical arists (including the obnoxous treo) are better than I am.
It would really suck if the three artist were driving off any artist who didn't suck and mistook me as one one of them. Maybe confused me and Rose (rose being the first offical arist besides Pat and Bret. She drew two of my characters)

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Pushed away from The Napping Cats dream

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