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Journal Felinoid's Journal: Living Will

With current politics I felt the need to plaster my wishes reguarding life support.

This is to be found on Slashdot, Live Journal and maybe Deviant art (if I feel like it)
There will be a more refined legal document eventually but for now this is the quick and dirty.

If a device is used to sustain my life by preforming the tast of my internal organs and this device dose not fit inside my body or otherwise portable then it should be said that I am not self sustaining.

If my brain is not sending impluses to my body and a device is needed to instruct my heart and lugs to continue to function then I have eather chousen to terminate internal life support or I am no longer in this body. In eather case this mean I am no longer self sustaining.

If I am not animate in that I do not move of my own accord and I am not self sustaining then please discontinue the effort to maintain my body.

On death donate my body to science. The plants have enough fertaliser. Artifical organs are becomming commen place. However for scientific research nothing can beat a real body.

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Living Will

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