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Journal pgpckt's Journal: Subscribe to Slashdot? 1

The ability to subscribe to slashdot has now been in place for a while. In this post, some end user changed his sig to read "Please subscribe [] to see the more insightful version of this comment".

I decided to reply to this sig at the expense of being modded down as being off-topic. I felt that my post was insightful though, so I thought I would re-post it here for discussion:

I will subscribe when:

A) Users can moderate stories, decide which ones get posted. No more tyranny of the minority (the moderators)

B) Changes to the Slashdot system are documented (the recent change to the karma system for example) and there is a story posted about such chnages so I can voice my objections and be ON TOPIC (unlike this post, which is off-topic, since there is no on-topic place to post it) [sic: No, CmdrTaco's journal does not count. Most people won't read it. I didn't know he had posted a comment there about it. By the time I found out, he closed the discussion thread for comments (which was about 2 days after he opened it for comments). This does NOT count as disclosure.]

C) Stories that are rejected are accomplined with an explaination (seriously, use a drop-down menu. Pick the top 20 reasons, put them in said drop down menu. Pick one. Easy enough. Total coding time: less than one hour.

D) Stories are spell/grammar checked by the editors, and links are checked. When a story is ready to be posted, no less than 3 minutes is spent trying to find out if it is a duplicate.

When all that happens, I will pay. Not a second before.

Please don't mod me as off topic. It is relevant to the sig of the parent, plus there really isn't an ontopic place to post it.

What do you guys think?

UPDATE: In the time it took me to post this journal entry, my post was modded as being off-topic. {sigh}

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  • There is something like "+1, off topic".
    It's called insightful, in this case, and you should
    have gotten it. Really, /. stinks.

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