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Wireless Networking

Journal blanks's Journal: free wireless internet, with only the cost of personal info.

I live in minneapolis, and anyone who lives here will tell you one of the best things about the cafe's is the free internet.  Everywhere.  You can go to some places and have allmost 2 dozen access points to get free internet off, in fact it can be difficult to find "blackout zones" where there are no access points available.

I run / maintain 2 free accee points, and have been noticing many things.  There are so many damn people sniffing packets its not even funny.  One location where I work from about 25 hours a week has had many people packet sniffing. One of the easiest ways I have found is to do a walkthough and see if anyone is running linux.  Just about every user I have seen using linux was sniffing the wifi network.

So now I am starting a project, it should be interesting, it will function as a honeypot but will also be logging data over the network.  Sure you are now going to say that Im not any better then these people, but the problem with people like this is they will keep doing shit like this, unless its done to them.  I plan on finding who these people are and scaring the hell out of them.

I found out that this cafe is the location for the 2600 meetings in minneapolis, so I need to have this ready by the first firday of the month,  im thinking it will be quite a shock to them all.
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free wireless internet, with only the cost of personal info.

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