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Journal Martin Blank's Journal: Early termination of the experiment

Three days is a trying time to go without any food, though my willpower was far from gone. This morning, though, I woke up with a dry mouth, constricted throat, and an odd, almost painful feeling in my stomach. I chalked these up to both hunger and perhaps a little bit of dehydration, despite the fact that I've been drinking an average of a gallon of liquids each day for the last three days.

I checked my e-mail and got ready for work, in the process drinking more liquids. However, more than two hours later, my throat is still constricted, my mouth is still dry, and the pain in my stomach recurs every ten to fifteen minutes. It's possible that this will pass at some point, but I'm not willing to push things too far right now. Three days and a bit more are quite enough for now. Realistically speaking, I've made it 82.5 hours without food of any kind. Not a bad time to go, and certainly proof that I could survive on less for longer.

Sometime in the next day or so, I'll get to that little mention about how Libya and Iran aren't as simple as some people would like to paint them.

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Early termination of the experiment

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