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Comment Re:Thank you (Score 1) 82

Thanks for a reply, sorry if that sounded a bit harsh, but it was just the impression of a casual first exploration.

No problem, the site can be quite intimidating at a first glance! We do find it very useful however, and have created a number of tools to improve our communications infrastructure (news, upload tools, irc bookmarks, databases, etc. Unfortunately some of them are down currently as a result of our recent website move). We think good communication channels are important for a net project. Making it more easily accessible for newbies is also important, and something we are working on.

I guess what I meant by lack of a central plan is that you seem to be working on several different things at the same time, which seems to be a tough road to hoe.

That is true, but as this is a Free Software project that people are contributing to in their free time, they will work on what most interests them. We have divided the different products up in manageable chunks, so that a small team can work on a client or server module more or less independently. So we utilize the parallel development that is a strength of Free Software projects - we have many developers, but each developer doesn't have that much time to spend, and the turnover rate is higher than in a traditional software project.

Best of luck, I'll be keeping track. Is there any plan to solicit donations for server maintenance?

Thank you. As for donations, we can always use new ftp mirrors, website mirrors and irc servers, but what we need most at the moment are more game servers.

Hans Häggström, WorldForge developer.

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