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Comment: I'm sorry but (Score 1, Interesting) 57

by zygotic mitosis (#47421333) Attached to: Homestar Runner To Return Soon
instead of -abandoning- their creation, I never understood why these guys didn't sell the rights a decade ago and let adult swim or w/e run with it. They had offers. It would be alive and surely people would surely enjoy it....though of course there would be purist sourpusses at by whom to be yelled. (? english)

And as someone who has played in horrible bands, I say, screw artistic integrity, it's 'merica. Get paid. These guys had kids, right?


Yokohama Accidentally Tweets That NK Missile Is Inbound 131

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the just-a-drill dept.
ForgedArtificer writes "Earlier today, the Crisis Management Office Affairs Bureau for the city of Yokohama, Japan had some startling news for its followers; to wit, a North Korean missile was on its way to Japan. The tweet stayed up for about 20 minutes before being removed and replaced with an apology. The city reports that a pre-written tweet was released due to a malfunction in the 'mechanism' that would have released the tweet at the appropriate time."

Comment: Re:Found at 125 GeV (Score 4, Informative) 396

by zygotic mitosis (#40541239) Attached to: LHC Discovers New Particle That Looks Like the Higgs Boson
What the hell, people??? Parent has binding energy right. The particles alone are heavier. This goes for chemistry, as well as nuclear chemistry, as well as nuclear physics. For example, helium: Wolfram Alpha tells me that 2n + 2p = 6.695E-24 g

The mass of helium is 4.002602 g/mol. Divide by Avogdro's number, and a single atom of helium weighs 6.646E-24 g. The difference in mass is what powers the sun. Parent is simply making the same argument on the scale of a proton split into its parts.

(disclaimer: I know, blabla deuterium, not protons and neutrons. However, see the definition of a state function.)

Comment: Troll headline? (Score 3, Informative) 300

by zygotic mitosis (#37023366) Attached to: Drought-Stricken Texas Town Taps Urine For Water
Urine? Well, yes, but also the feces and the nasty water from industry. As someone has pointed out already, if your WTP collects from the river, you are already drinking treated sewage water.

At our plant, we have a water reclamation facility at the end of our process, the same type of facility used at the water treatment plant upstream. A WRF is common, iirc, in CA, but is, afaik, the first of its kind here in MN. It is far more common to discharge without the additional filtering and contaminant removal provided by a WRF.

The water we discharge is tested biweekly for ammonia and phosphorus and daily for total coliforms and biological oxygen demand. Ammonia and coliforms are non-detectable ~99% of the time. We are doing a very good job turning sewage into drinking water for the next town on the river.

/lab intern at a WWTP

Comment: Re:Error in TFS (Score 1) 160

by zygotic mitosis (#34426774) Attached to: Stable Roentgenium Claimed Found In Gold
As a chemistry undergrad currently studying physical chemistry...

He holds the liquid gold at 1127C. It would take an approximate pressure of 2.1 * 10^-7 atm for liquid gold to boil at 1127C. Now, it strikes me as very unlikely that he is using a close-to-perfect vacuum for this, especially since running any vacuum at all will encourage evaporation, but without further data, who knows, right?

Counting in octal is just like counting in decimal--if you don't use your thumbs. -- Tom Lehrer