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Comment Offline users (Score 1) 349

One thing I haven't seen the "cloud" solve is offline users. I have sales and marketing people that do a lot of work on airplanes, trains, and automobiles. They still need offline access to word processing and email so a dumb terminal or even a tablet based system isn't going to work for those users. Yes you can get a tablet with wifi or cellular data but that isn't 100% reliable while you are traveling. I had an account rep that insisted he needed an iPad, that it would do everything he needed through cloud until I asked him how he was going to work on email with it on the train that didn't have wifi or spotty cell service. He decided to keep his laptop.

Comment They don't get it (Score 5, Informative) 270

I moved last fall and decided to try going without cable or satellite. Between Hulu and Netflix I really haven't missed cable other then the occasional sporting event. When are content providers going to get it? I don't want to pay for 110 channels I never watch.

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