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Comment Re:Horray for Taylor Swift. (Score 2) 368

quite frankly i don't understand what it means for a public company to be "generous". give away investors' money? i dont think so.. thats your and my retirement money.

i'd much rather apple (or anyone else) be successful in creating a revenue-producing platform for artists than be "generous". if that takes a three months wait, well, so be it.

so far from the artist's perspective (who is not Taylor Swift) there is no platform like this.

Comment Re:bullshit (Score 1) 293

congrats, YOU are poster example of being both, the victim and the culprit of javascript's reputation of "kiddie language".

news flash, its not. it has good parts and bad parts. same as any other language. in some ways its crappy and dumb. in some ways its pretty ingenious.

here's the trick: use the good parts. don't use the bad parts. actually learning the language helps do that.

the alternative is bitching about the hammer that its poor at driving screws. which is basically what you're doing.

thumbs up on the rant though, nicely done.

Comment Re:lets not be fooled (Score 2) 98

custodial staff no, but there are plenty of jobs in this space that get outsourced you wouldn't thin are outsourceable. anything from reviewing security footage to internal support helpdesk, sorting through mail (its scanned and then read overseas) etc etc. its pretty crazy how many jobs have been creatively "digitized" this way and outsources.

Comment lets not be fooled (Score 1) 98

i like apple as much as the next fanboy but this is not charity or benevolence of these companies, it is free market adjusting to a better cost/value of local workforce compared against consistently rising labor costs in china and india.

we're pretty much at or past the point when a little bit of cost benefit is simply not worth the loss of quality of support.

so.. yes, good development, thank you free market system.

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