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Comment Re:Fake God Detector, Blamed For Hundreds of Death (Score 1) 151

> Biology needs an Einstein.

that may be true, but, unlike religion, science will seek out a better theory and adopt it as soon as it proves out to be a better explanation of observed evidence.

if that happens with theory of evolution, fine. there's no scientist who will resist that kind of revision. in fact it has happened many many times.

> According to darwinists, our bodies mutated slowly for millions of years one at a time, so that our genome could have parts that look exactly like viral code from previous infections, because that is the only possible explanation. They were planted there by "evolution" to toy with us.

darwin's theory of evolution says nothing of this kind.

here's what it does say (exactly this and nothing more):

given any system that provides for:

- mutation
- heredity
- selection

there will be evolution.

and, lastly, you don't "believe" in evolution, or any theories of science for that matter. thats what separates science from religion, belief is neither required nor desired.

Comment Training and weeding (Score 1) 712

There going to be situations when lethal force is the only choice. Thats that that.

Vast majority of situations don't need to be.

And the only way to improve odds of non-violent conflict resolution is training the cops that want to do that right thing and weeding out those that don't.

This isn't an overnight panacea but i'm afraid there simply isn't one.

Comment Re:this is not a *space* flight (Score 0) 239

Alan Shephard flew nearly twice that height and that didn't count as a space flight.. If it did USA probably wouldn't have gone to the moon.

All the training that goes into sending someone to 80K flight indeed does qualify them to be an astronaut but thats still not a space flight. It just isn't.

Comment Re:Horray for Taylor Swift. (Score 2) 368

quite frankly i don't understand what it means for a public company to be "generous". give away investors' money? i dont think so.. thats your and my retirement money.

i'd much rather apple (or anyone else) be successful in creating a revenue-producing platform for artists than be "generous". if that takes a three months wait, well, so be it.

so far from the artist's perspective (who is not Taylor Swift) there is no platform like this.

Comment Re:bullshit (Score 1) 293

congrats, YOU are poster example of being both, the victim and the culprit of javascript's reputation of "kiddie language".

news flash, its not. it has good parts and bad parts. same as any other language. in some ways its crappy and dumb. in some ways its pretty ingenious.

here's the trick: use the good parts. don't use the bad parts. actually learning the language helps do that.

the alternative is bitching about the hammer that its poor at driving screws. which is basically what you're doing.

thumbs up on the rant though, nicely done.

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