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Comment Re:Free's logic doesn't make any sense (Score 1) 302

I'm not sure about the SMTP servers, I believe they use the ones of the ISPs from what I recall reading in the french net press. Tho the first email received by someone has been dissected and they used an adress @ "" as sender, so I'm not sure... Anyway Hadopi has everything to send the emails themselves if they want, yes...

Comment they only send 100 notices this first time (Score 5, Interesting) 302

Hadopi's required / they say they need to send 25 000 notices per day I believe, but actually send 100 for this time. Also, "Free" handed the IPs on paper instead of providing the data digitally like every other provider. And yes another provider urged the governement to act to make "Free" comply as they sensed "Free" was gaining a little bit more popularity with this trick.

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