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Comment Re:Better than incarcerating the youth (Score 1) 123

So what would you have people do then? Vote? That's a joke. There are two parties in this crapfest and they are both puppets of the corporatists who have their hands up both their arses. There is the puppet on the corporate right hand and the puppet on their left and although I continue to vote for 3rd party candidates it doesn't make a difference because the population is convinced they shouldn't vote for anyone other than their two "choices".

Not blame it on the leaders and take responsibility? Not MY responsibility, I didn't vote these asshats in. If you did then take responsibility and vote more wisely next time.

Congress passes ethics laws to ensure government employees are not being influenced by industry...FACT. These laws are not applied to congressmen...FACT. Industry STILL negatively influences non-congressional government employees on a regular basis. Do you think that maybe lobbyists negatively influence congressmen? We had legislation in place to prevent the speculation and the crash (Glass-Steagall) was repealed by political "leaders" in 1999.

"Our work and education ethos is a f* up one"...Are you speaking of how we get less benefits, work more, and still have less of a stake in economic gains compared to countries like Germany?

Bring better arguments next time...

Comment All toys (Score 2, Interesting) 267

Every database covered in the article is a toy.

From TFA: "The problem is that JOINs are really, really slow when the data is spread out over several machines."

This is the result of a poor design, not a database flaw. If you are running a web application against multiple databases, either cluster them or store all the data for a user in one database. (i.e. hash the login_id and select the database based on the result). If someone is doing JOINs across multiple machines and doesn't have a very good reason for doing so, then nothing short of a lobotomy is going to help them.

From TFA: "Each query can only run 5 seconds. The answer can only hold 250 items. Each item can have only 250 pairs."

Yeah, I'd say that meets the definition of a toy database alright.

From TFA: "Many of the complaints about the other toy databases revolve around how a missing feature makes it impossible to find the right data. If you want to add a bit more functionality to the database here, you can whip up many of the features locally in Python. If you want a JOIN, you can synthesize one in Python and probably customize the memory cache at the same time. This is especially useful for Web applications that let users store their data in the service. If you need to add security to restrict each user to the right data, you can code that in Python too."

The writer must be joking. Who would do this when there are better options that don't involve implementing your own database?

From TFA: "there's no big reason to use Ruby, Python, Java, or PHP on the server when it can all be packaged in JavaScript"

Many people who write web applications actually want to do usefull things with the data they store like generate reports, keep logs, track inventory, or run queries. This doesn't work very well when the "database" is a text file sitting on the user's harddrive.

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