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Comment: Re:GVIM (Score 1) 1055

by zidohl (#28107253) Attached to: What Free IDE Do You Use?

GVIM is not an IDE however. It's an editor, and one that can be integrated in various IDEs.

Or you could integrate the IDE functionality into vim instead. Ars had a nice writeup on how to fairly effortlessly get IDE functionality in vim ( http://arstechnica.com/open-source/guides/2009/05/vim-made-easy-how-to-get-your-favorite-ide-features-in-vim.ars )

What Free IDE Do You Use? 1055

Posted by kdawson
from the ides-of-may dept.
postermmxvicom writes "I program only occasionally and mostly for personal interest. I went to update my favorite free IDE, Dev C++, yesterday and noticed that it had not been updated since 2005! I went looking for other free IDEs and came across Code::Blocks and Visual Studio Express. I work from a Windows machine, use C++, and make mostly console apps; but have written a few Windows apps and D3D or OpenGL apps. I wanted to know what free IDEs you use and recommend. What do you like about them? What features do they lack? What about them irritate you (and what do you do to work around these annoyances)? For instance, when I used Visual C++ 6.0 in college, there was an error in getline that had to be fixed, and the code indenting in DevC++ needed to be tweaked to suit my liking."

Comment: Re:What about my bandwidth? (Score 1) 974

by zidohl (#20559417) Attached to: The Morality of Web Advertisement Blocking

I must say I'm impressed with trying to play the victim here. They're not forcing anything on you. There are plenty of websites out there that serve ads, but have never forced anything on me, because I chose not to visit them. Visiting a website is your choice, and unless there are ads on a website that you're for some reason required to visit then you're not the victim.

If Slashdot didn't have ads, I'd probably have to subscribe to be able to see it at all. Now, if I'd have to pay a subscription fee to every website that I use regularly, I wouldn't be able to use the internet as a information source the way I do now.

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