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Comment Re:Have you ever tried changing the 'culture'? (Score 1) 928

That shouldn't be a point of pride. "Thick skin" should not be necessary for a daily discussion, people should be able to act like adults, even when emotionally invested in their technological baby. It's one thing to have an argument, it's another thing to have to gear up for an argument for every single discussion.

Comment Re:Ya, right (Score 5, Insightful) 277

That's an assumption that'll get you killed.

Lots of cops playing army without as much danger of being actually shot at. Lots of forces operating as for-profit gangs that do whatever they want. They'll shout "stop resisting" as they de-escalate the situation with violence.

I'm not saying that there aren't any, or not even that most cops aren't good. But it doesn't take very many to poison a whole department, only a few in the higher ranks to run out the good cops.

Comment Re:Expect the Republicans to stop this... (Score 1) 319

You can do your own doctoring, just like you can drive on your own roads.

If you want to participate in the benefits of society, such as healthcare and maintained, safe roads and such, you pay your part. The biggest problem is the super rich and the corporations that have bought their way out of paying their part.

Comment Re:Samzenpus got hit in the head this morning (Score 1, Informative) 528

You can keep your plan if it's a legitimate insurance plan. Lots of shitty plans stopped being offered.
It isn't a tax, as in it's not a line-item on your tax bill. By your logic, Wal-Mart is a tax, because they get corporate subsidies for their welfare-requiring employees.
You can keep your doctor, if your insurance allows you to. Before the ACA there were those problems, too.
It does cost less, overall. The rate of healthcare cost increases is the lowest it's been in decades. It's not about you personally, it's the overall trend. Not to mention more people now qualify for insurance.
Overall? Most people have better coverage, and more people have coverage, period. If you lost coverage, it was only because you were profiting from the people who were paying for plans that didn't really offer any protection.

Oh, and don't forget that the Baby Boomers are aging, and are creating a huge load on the system... that's driving costs up for everyone. But I'm sure that's Obama's fault, too.

Comment Re:... and the hype for Windows 10 begins.... (Score 1) 405

So what you're saying is there's nothing that'll make you happy with Windows 10. If you want the gearhead features, you pay for the gearhead features. I, for one, am glad that after I upgrade my parents to Windows 10 they won't have the choice to ignore updates. Same with 95% of people out there with computers.

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