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Comment: I wonder what standards they were using? (Score 1) 155 155

Seeing how using text speak seems to be standard operating procedure for high ranking goverment officials . I would suspect "like 15-year-old children talking" would qualify you to hold a nice cushy post in goverment. Perhaps the goverment can look inward first before critiquing illegally seized evidence. Better yet why not just stop performing illegal search and seizures. Oh right, they are above the law, silly me.

Comment: Re:This is thanks to Bush's failed policies. (Score 3, Insightful) 154 154

Yup it's not stealing, well at least not from the person. Nobody stole any identities, but rather a good bit of money from banks and creditors. However somehow they have managed to convince everyone that it is not the banks problem. For a comical take on this point Identity theft should not be an individuals problem but rather whatever institution that mistakenly allowed the transaction should be held responsible.

Comment: Re:Middle ground (Score 1, Insightful) 430 430

How about not throwing children into any situation. In my opinion what is being discussed is not throwing children into dangerous situation but either we want to allow children to consciously choose themselves whether to enter a dangerous situation themselves. The real problem is a lot of people don't want children to have choice at all hence even the language referring to children has become derogatory. I think we need to get used to the fact people die and people screw up and children aren't any different. I feel like the greatest problem with the current generation is simply we weren't able to screw up rather badly and people learn from their mistakes and others mistakes hence why we have a generation of incoherent idiots. /bitter about always being told what was best for me //really was what was best for them...

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