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Comment: The Flatbed Truck Vulnerability (Score 5, Funny) 254

by zenrandom (#44416469) Attached to: Judge Rules In Favor of Volkswagen and Silences Scientist
I'm going out on a limb, disclosing this publicly and all. But all vehicles on the roads today are vulnerable to a nefarious flat bed truck with a winch. Said driver pulls up to the vehicle, lowers the ramp, attaches the winch, and pulls the target vehicle onto the truck. Once vehicle is secured to the truck, they drive away. I've not contacted any manufacturers on this vulnerability, but I feel that disclosing it publicly may keep the public informed.

Comment: Why Evolve (Score 3, Interesting) 82

by zenrandom (#43497637) Attached to: Coelacanth Genome Sequenced
They don't really seem to have any convincing external factors to make them evolve. I have not RTFA'd, but most things evolve because they have trouble surviving. There are so few of these things that they are endangered, but they don't have any natural predators because they apparently make anything that eats it sick... check the wikipedia article on them.

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