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Comment: Not American, but Aussies face this too. (Score 1) 673

by zennling (#48889599) Attached to: Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated?
Even in Australia, where the vast majority is pro vaccination, do we also have people 'choosing' not to. Even though the AMA is very vocal in its derision of such a choice, and continuously shows there is no link between vaccinations and things like autism. In my eyes, if you work with children, there is no excuse - you should be mandated to be vaccinated - just make it part of your background check.

Comment: To all the people saying the cloud (Score 1) 167

by zennling (#48424959) Attached to: Microsoft Azure Outage Across the Globe
Removes the need for IT staff - who exactly manages your cloud? If its you, congratulations, you are the IT staff. Just because the hardware has become 'not your problem', does not mean their is that much less to do - as a system's engineer looks after web infra and who just started getting in to AWS, my focus has shifted from doing backups, looking after hardware maintenance, out of hours outages etc, to continuing ensuring 5 9's up time, automating the infra, and...organising out of hours outages where I can for the important things Amazon needs to do behind the scenes. So yeah, almost the same job desc minus a bit of hardware babysitting.

Comment: What? (Score 2) 227

"We can't go much above 18% in our coders [Facebook has 7,185 total employees] if there's only 18% coming into the workplace." Umm your total workforce is not the same size as the amount of students coming in to the workplace. Of course your gender ratio could change with those students available and looking for work.

Comment: Why is this 'Student Bookstores Beware'? (Score 1) 95

by zennling (#47668399) Attached to: Student Bookstores Beware, Amazon Comes To Purdue Campus
Do the student bookstores have anything to do with setting the price? Is it not the publishers setting a large % of the price? Amazon can just beat them over the head with its purchasing power until the price per unit becomes acceptable. Why not re-jig these student bookstores to be the 'staffed customer order pickup and drop-off locations' for Amazon, instead of what sounds like replacing them with a new storefront?

Comment: Any computer with Chrome + Google Hangouts (Score 1) 194

by zennling (#47597191) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Bulletproof Video Conferencing For Alzheimers Home?
Whats wrong with JUST Google hangouts? All you need is a browser, and a webcam. You can set $OS to auto login and start Chrome (in kiosk mode, fullscreen even!) at the Plus login page - living facility staff might need to enter a username/password combo for the patient is all, and log out once done. This should be able to be easily managed in a spreadsheet. On the client side, there is a Hangouts app for both iOS and Android.

Comment: How does this work exactly? (Score 1) 28

by zennling (#47579415) Attached to: New Display Technology Corrects For Vision Defects
I need my glasses to read detail - the only way I am going to be able to see is with giant letters. Putting some software on to a box on my dash doesnt change distance from eyes to the dash, thus the focal length is the same. No amount of pixel shifting is going to allow my eyes to focus on it and resolve the image sharply. this might work for people who are only very slightly farsighted.

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