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+ - SF Says AdWare Bundled with Gimp Is Intentional-> 5

Submitted by tresf
tresf writes: In response to a Google+ post from the Gimp project claiming that "[Sourceforge] is now distributing an ads-enabled installer of GIMP", Sourceforge had this response:

In cases where a project is no longer actively being maintained, SourceForge has in some cases established a mirror of releases that are hosted elsewhere. This was done for GIMP-Win.

Editor's note: Gimp is actively being maintained and the definition of "mirror" is quite misleading here as a modified binary is no longer a verbatim copy. Download statistics for Gimp on Windows show SourceForge as offering over 1,000 downloads per day of the Gimp software. In an official response to this incident, the official Gimp project team reminds users to use official download methods. Slashdotters may remember the last time news like this surfaced (2013) when the Gimp team decided to move downloads from SourceForge to their own FTP service.

Therefore, we remind you again that GIMP only provides builds for Windows via its official Downloads page.

Note: SourceForge and Slashdot share a corporate parent.
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Comment: apt-get can be slow (Score 0) 287

by zenbi (#46430801) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux For Grandma?

I've used Debian, Ubuntu, and Xubuntu in the past for this purpose. However, the constant updates in the Ubuntu repositories, even on a "stable" version like 12.04 LTS are just a killer. Several packages are updated and pushed every day. Often, these updates break core functionality or introduce bugs; so I've turned off the automatic updates in favor of upgrading to the new release every 6 months. Except, even with an i5 and a SSD, the upgrade process takes hours. Simply wiping sda1 and reinstalling from the ISO is often faster.

For the next upgrade, I'm considering the new ASUS chromebox. If the included chrome OS isn't up to the task, I can always blow it away and install a normal Linux distro on it.

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