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Comment: apt-get can be slow (Score 0) 287

by zenbi (#46430801) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux For Grandma?

I've used Debian, Ubuntu, and Xubuntu in the past for this purpose. However, the constant updates in the Ubuntu repositories, even on a "stable" version like 12.04 LTS are just a killer. Several packages are updated and pushed every day. Often, these updates break core functionality or introduce bugs; so I've turned off the automatic updates in favor of upgrading to the new release every 6 months. Except, even with an i5 and a SSD, the upgrade process takes hours. Simply wiping sda1 and reinstalling from the ISO is often faster.

For the next upgrade, I'm considering the new ASUS chromebox. If the included chrome OS isn't up to the task, I can always blow it away and install a normal Linux distro on it.

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