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Comment Re:Holy crap (Score 1) 94

I can't stand the lack of scroll bar on the webpage. They covered the normal scrollbar area with avatar circles and made it impossible to actually click on the scroll bar to scroll. Hope you have a scroll wheel on your mouse!

Comment Re:Just run your own (Score 2) 147

Pretty sure Windows comes with a simple DNS server service since the NT days. You may need to check an additional option to turn on the feature, or it may be hidden somewhere under the IIS settings.

Unless they removed it. I admit, I haven't touched Windows for anything server related in years.

Comment Re: PHP is great (Score 5, Informative) 281

Try using it. It's an alias to another function that requires an optional library that ... doesn't implement the function.

What? HTTP redirects with the header() function have been simple and consistent the entire lifetime of the language. The function is not an alias and does not require an optional library as you claim. I especially like that it exposes the underlying HTTP headers of the protocol instead of wrapping the redirect into some type of hidden Response.Redirect() type function. This "lower level" makes understanding and debugging redirect problems much more obvious.

Comment Re:My 'tech ready' short list (Score 1) 557

In the "server closet" in my house, I used a built-in 16" fan for circulation. The fan was a re-purposed low voltage fan solar attic fan that I selected because of its low noise and power efficiency (less than 5 watts.)

However, for the last 10 years, computer manufacturers have been on an efficiency binge. Although the servers and equipment in the closet used to consume many hundreds of watts and produce a lot of heat, they now do the same tasks with very little waste heat and power requirements.

Or in other words, don't bother with the fan. I don't even turn mine on anymore.

Comment Design the roof for solar (Score 1) 557

If you are building your own, design the roof specifically for solar panels - i.e. a large flat south facing surface. A good solar installer will help you determine the optimal mounting angle for your location. Design for it. Many existing solar installations have an unfortunate "tack-on" feel since the roofs where never designed for mounting solar panels.

Comment Current Event vs Generic Poll (Score 1) 150

The Ross Ulbricht question is about a current event (his recent sentencing). In a way, this particular poll isn't that unlike a story and does somewhat fit the new location. However, a generic poll, such as How do you contribute to open source projects? is pretty much timeless and probably would be a better fit for the sidebar. That question is just as valid today as it was 15 years ago and keeping it visible on the front page for a longer period would keep it from being lost in the forever scrolling news section.

Or maybe after 1700 questions, they have simply run out of witty things to ask?

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