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Comment: WARNING, 13 THREATS DETECTED (Score 1) 408

by zelkovamoon (#45696341) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Would You Secure Your Parents' PC?
In my experience virus infections happen most often by either clicking on suspect internet banners or P2P file sharing. I doubt your mommy is racking up the copyright notices, but she very well may be decieved by fraudulent banners; so my suggestions would be 1. get her to use firefox or chrome, install adblock plus and https everywhere addons 2. Use Microsoft Security Essentials - maybe not the greatest, but just fine protection generally. 3. make sure her computer is set to update automatically, as that should help mitigate some security vulnerabilities 4. as a secondary antivirus program, malwarebytes has in my experience, been very good. All the software i mentioned above is free, good luck brotato.

Comment: No need for concern (Score 1) 475

by zelkovamoon (#42691145) Attached to: Unlocking New Mobile Phones Becomes Illegal In the US Tomorrow
The way I see it, laws like this are made to be broken. Reading the comments, I can see that the Slashdot community is predictably opposed to it, as am I... But, then again, I don't really care at the same time; because even though it will technically illegal, that isn't going to stop me. And it wont stop you. Unless they plan on throwing half the country in jail, nobody cares. P.S. Hello NSA guy. Yes i have just said that i am prepared to break the law. What are you going to do about it? Probably nothing. Because nobody cares, not even you. I bet you are going to break it too aren't you. It's okay, we all will.

Comment: Models are skinny for a reason (Score 1) 676

I think most people would agree that they feel more attracted to slender models, as opposed to say, fat models. It makes sense to think that the companies which profit from modeling aren't hiring skinny models to promote Anorexia; what good are designer clothes if your consumer base is falling over dead from self starvation? They are hiring skinny models because people like and respond to skinny models. Supply and Demand. We should not need government regulation to censor and stifle everything that can be found to be detrimental to society in some way; the public should be made better able to make the right choice for themselves. Switching focus a bit, I would think that a much more significant portion of the population is being influenced by fast food advertizing (Fast food Among other things) ; and I would argue that this is a significantly contributing factor to obesity in America. Now, i don't have any actual data to back up this claim, but I would think that the damage caused to society as a result of obesity is hundreds of times more significant than the damage caused to society by anorexia. If the government is allowed to censor models to allegedly reduce anorexia, then will it really stop there? If we censor a relatively insignificant matter, how much greater will the move be to censor more influential matters? I would much rather prefer that we move to promote education (and not just by throwing money at the problem), and better personal decision-making. Help kids learn earlier on how to make the right choice; in this case, helping them realize that Anorexia will not solve their problems. Higher and better education standards are a much better fix; one might call a proactive solution against such easily preventable problems.

Comment: Get off the computer bro! (Score 1) 259

by zelkovamoon (#35056740) Attached to: Facebook-Deprived Man Sues For $500K
Sounds to me like this dude needs to take a walk in the park, and maybe figure out how to use the good ol' envelope and stamp to keep up with folks. Regardless though, to get all upset simply because face book admins decided that for whatever reason they would not like him to utilize the servers that they ultimately pay for and maintain, is ridiculous. It would be understandable if it were something he had paid for; but he is using the service for free just like everybody else.... i assume. Besides, bro! Looking at monitors too much every day ruins your eyesight! You should go out and climb some mountains or something, i mean, face book isn't the greatest thing ever! So come on, make this random internet commentator proud and end your retarded lawsuit, and then go out there and splurge on the plentiful bounty of adventure that this great planet has to offer. Ha, ha ha, like the guy is going to read this comment. Not Happening, I know! Well, if he does, I have won the day my good ladies and gentlemen.

Comment: Its good? (Score 1) 469

by zelkovamoon (#34392562) Attached to: WikiLeaks Should...
While I don't really condone putting lives at risk, for the sake of transparency, perhaps documents should be released. Not all, but some. I think that the government likely expresses most of its concerns in a way that seems to threaten lives, simply to gain support; the majority of that information is probobly more embarrasing than anything else. Transparency is important; if wikileaks would release such documents on countries from all across the U.S. Then that would be preferable, simply because the truth would be revealed. Obviously, it's not like they can just do so, seeing how it is clear that spies and leakers would have to have infiltrated any government that could be a good target, but the point is that as long as the information does not endanger lives, it should be posted for transparencies sake.

Comment: Well... (Score 1) 108

by zelkovamoon (#34297874) Attached to: Like Democracy, the Web Needs To Be Defended
Im no hacker, so what im saying might be totally nonsensical; But, maybe if everybody boned up on their computer skills, anonymous " _(Fill in the blank)_" Could ward off the ever encroaching threats. When the enemies of internet privacy and rights, so on and so forth want to play games, the denizens of the internet should be showing them that they aren't going to take such nonsense.

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