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Comment: The final straw (Score 1) 184

by zeigerpuppy (#48332875) Attached to: British Spies Are Free To Target Lawyers and Journalists
Sadly, democracy is dead. We no longer have a government that represents the people. We no longer have a state that adheres to the principles that guided our ascent from feudal rule. Another system will come but first these hegemonists will create a world in which they believe we will cling to their heels as they rape us by night. Instead they will multiply fear and inequity until they too become powerless. As has happened before, we'll slowly pick up the pieces. Or, maybe we'll wake up first...

Comment: If you believe this (Score 5, Insightful) 126

by zeigerpuppy (#47940449) Attached to: Next Android To Enable Local Encryption By Default Too, Says Google
You need your head read. Google has shown time and again that it does not care about your security. There is no need to trade off convenience for security in cloud backup. Encrypt locally and send the data encrypted to backup. This would be great but i bet that Google also holds they keys and decrypts on their end. Google says it wouldn't be able to use your data for their massive data mining and information theft machine if it were properly encrypted. This is why the data sits on their servers unprotected by encryption, they are the antithesis of your guardians of security. If you value your data, turn off all Google services and manage your own backups.

Comment: Re: Unfamiliar (Score 1) 370

by zeigerpuppy (#47881029) Attached to: The State of ZFS On Linux
Because ZFS allows you to flexibly allocate, administer, snapshot and backup data in a coherent way. You can even use other file system on top of it if you want (zvols). Hardware level checksumming on drives is not aware of your file structure and a look at SMART info on a drive will reveal quite a few Unrecovered errors (density is a bitch). So I wouldn't rely on your drive to correct it's own errors.

Comment: Re: Ready for primetime... (Score 1) 370

by zeigerpuppy (#47880945) Attached to: The State of ZFS On Linux
You're talking about different levels. I use a zpool on SSDs for my databases AND give the databases lots of RAM. The two are not mutually exclusive but if course your RAM should be utilised as close to your query as possible to increase throughput. ZFS is for integrity first, squeezing speed out of it is certainly possible but not it's primary purpose.

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