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Comment Re:PDF and the Things That Turn Into It (Score 2, Interesting) 83

I agree with Anonymous Coward. Why not use XML as your standard format? You could use Word 2003 (or even the entire Office 2003 suite) or XMLSpy to author your documents, but store everything in XML. You could then write (or obtain consulting like we did) to develop XSLTs to convert the XML to whatever format you or your vendors require. One source format to virtually any format you need. It is also somewhat painless to have another XSLT developed when a future format is required, which eliminates the need to do wholesale changes in the future. I highly recommend the company we used, "Docsoft" (http://www.docsoft.com I think). They have some smart guys with probably the best support of an vendor we have dealt with. Since implementation, we have discovered a lot of additional "pluses" that we didn't consider, such as using the XML as a DMS (Docsoft has a search tool that indexes XML in relation to how data is tagged, which has turned out to be invaluable to us). We can even store images with XML meta data to find out what the subject and author is. We sometimes spent 40 hours trying to find extremely specific data, now only takes us 15 minutes or less. All because of XML. Just my 2 cents worth.

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