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Comment Re:Android's stock browser MUST be removed (Score 1) 91 91

I'm really curious about your opinion on Apple device's names.
Do you think that calling something "i" as in "myself" plus "general name for the product" isn't ridiculous? Why not? Do you perceive it as mature (adult-like)?

How would you rank the ridiculousness of the names Microsoft, Apple and Google? And of Windows, iOS and Android? How would they rank in childishness? Why? Do you make other comparisons to justify them?

Since I'm not an Apple fan, I rationalize in ways to criticize them, like you did with buzz lightyear - that I honestly think was an interesting critic. My critic usually goes on the idea that as people grow up they should stop being self-centric, so putting I in front of stuff is less mentally evolved. If you care to respond, thanks.

Comment Re:Not acupuncture (Score 1) 159 159

Wrong on the second part. I know plenty of acupuncturists who does use electricity. In fact, I've never met one who wouldn't use it in certain cases. Just go to any university's doctor in China and you'll see it.
To explain, I lived almost 3 years in Beijing Sport's University and did spend some time in their nursery treating injuries, I have been to the Haidian Hospital and did an introduction to acupuncture course in Brazil. In all of those places there are people claiming to be acupuncturists using electricity.

Comment My test results - KAT is not on google (Score 1) 165 165

My first page results for kickass torrents on google are:

Kickass Torrents: KAT

KickassTorrents Homepage – latest updates and reviews

KickassTorrents (@kickasstorrents) | Twitter

KickassTorrents - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


KAT - Kickass Torrents

KickassTorrents Disappears From Google After Penalty
TorrentFreak - 15 hours ago

Profile of YIFY - Kickass Torrents

KickassTorrents - Reddit

Plus I'm getting a DMCA notice of 1 removal, but the link to the complaint doesn't indicate that it includes the real one.
I hadn't googled in months. Good that this is another reason to tell people to duckduckgo things and stop using google (avoiding malware).

Comment Re:Everybody should be pissed at NSA by now ... (Score 1) 80 80

They thank Wikileaks for helping them.

The law was going to pass anyway, if you cared to read /. you would know. They credit it to the terrorists from the comic guy case. What Wikileaks did was to provide information they had to complain about and show us how hypocrites they are. Either the anti-Wikileaks propaganda really got into you or you are working for them.

Comment Re:Bank of England and insight on investments (Score 2) 83 83

I guess you didn't pay attention to the order of the events or what the events were. Collusion is not a losing scam, the involved parties usually win a lot, they have been winning for decades. It is strange that they didn't enter the bidding process of some of the largest oil reserves found so far, there was no investigation at the time.

Maybe you are right and it is just a coincidence that Petrobras (an oil company from a pacific country) was an espionage target, in which case the spying was really unexplained and for nothing.

Now, in a completely unrelated case, the document on the article says that the British spy agency does provide "intelligence relating to risks to UK investment overseas", does that sound like economic espionage?

Comment Bank of England and insight on investments (Score 2) 83 83

From the second document, talking about their costumers and objectives:

Continue provision of intelligence relating to risks to UK investment overseas

Both US and UK "surprisingly" boycotted an auction for the right to explore huge oil reserves in Brazil a few months after Dilma complained about the spying on Brazilians, herself and on Petrobras (the top deep sea oil exploration company in the world), driving the prices down.
Right now Petrobras is under investigation for corruption of some of its leaders, mostly related to the federal government party, it's stocks went down by a lot and most of the infrastructure investments / constructions are blocked. This is the only news here and we'll get American help on the investigations, even though we just refused German help on the Siemens case (the corrupts on that case are on the opposition party). Some people on the opposition party are involved in this Petrobras case as well, but the prosecutors decided there was no reason to investigate them. Seems like they jumped out at the right time and then, after decades of corruption (according to the case witnesses), it started falling down.

I hope people stop talking like economic espionage is a Chinese only thing.

Comment Re:Run out the Clock (Score 3, Interesting) 154 154

It's absurd to say there's a statute of limitations on how long it takes to bring somebody into court. If that were the case, then someone charged with a crime who flees would be able to return to the jurisdiction that originally charged him when the limitation was up.

I work in the judiciary in Brazil and can't tell how things work in Sweden, but many of these things are similar in most countries, maybe people can discuss the differences here.

Here in Brazil there are three limitations, one to accept the charges, one to give a sentence and one to execute the sentence.
The first limitation is on how long before the charges are accepted on court. The prosecutors have to press the charges and they have to be accepted. That is slightly different from the time to press the charges because the accused have to be officially informed of the charges, as he has the right to a preliminary defense before the charges are accepted. Pressing the charges by official news extends this limitation.
After the charges are received (that's the term in Portuguese), the limitation for sentencing is equal to the one to receive the charges. That is: 1. to have a judgment were all the proofs are presented and the informed defendant has the opportunity to be interrogated and defend himself or be defended by a public attorney if he flees, 2. for the judge to give a sentence and 3. for all the possible appeals until reaching a final sentence ("trânsito em julgado" - Google translates it to "res judicata").
The third limitation is on how long after the final sentence the government has to execute the sentence.

So the first limitation is about informing the person about the accusation and the third limitation is about making the person fulfill the sentence. (basically like "bringing somebody to court").
If the criminal flees (or is not found) for enough time, he can return/stay in the jurisdiction.

To give a clear and very common example I get here: the limitation for drug possession for personal use is 2 years, 1 year if he/she is under 21. When the guy was found with drugs he was living in a district with one cop doing everything. The police report takes 4-6 months to arrive at the judiciary. We have to check if he can make deals with the prosecutor by checking his criminal records, he has something on another city, we have to ask them exactly what it is (maybe he was found innocent) -> another 3-8 months depending on how many records and where they are. Then he has the right to make a deal (different deals for charged or not charged people), we set a deal hearing ->1 - 4 months (depending on the judge and world soccer schedule), and can't find him (moved away). Try to find him -> 3 to 8 months (the cop at that district only replied to our third reiteration). If he moved to São Paulo, we have to ask them to do the deal hearing, six months latter they reply that the address we gave was wrong or that he moved back. Over and it doesn't matter if he was/wasn't fleeing.

On the other hand, crimes against children have to limitations.

Comment A Brazilian's experience (Score 1) 272 272

I live in a small city in Brazil, we used to have an Internet monopoly here, but not due to regulations. The fastest we could buy was 10Mb from Telefonica over copper, but only in the rich parts of the city. Most of the city had only 256K to 2M.
Now some guy started a small ISP and we are getting 20Mbps over fiber. It costs two times more than the Telefonica plans, but it is fast and reliable.
People talk a lot about the huge costs involved in starting on this area, but the guy here started serving a few neighborhoods in my city and now he is working on two cities. When the regulations allow, and the big players suck, others can grow.

Comment Re:Popping the popcorn (Score 3, Insightful) 262 262

From this day in Wikileaks:

A Swedish sports player will be able to testify via Skype regarding assault allegations as to not miss a game on the same day. In contrast, Swedish prosecutors have refused to question Julian Assange using the same methods for over four years.

So no, asking to be questioned over there is not asking special treatment. The fact that this was not done like the norm is the special treatment.
How is it that you think (mistakenly) that he has somehow NOT been mistreated or short changed? How?

He also said that he would go to Sweden for questioning if they could give him some guarantee that he would not be extradited to the US, something Sweden refused to give.
Like you pointed out, it's supposed to be just questioning, how could it be such a problem? It is pretty clear that the questioning is not the problem.

Comment Re:Hideous? (Score 1) 337 337

While I do agree with you that that's probably the reason, we are seeing here a case where the French are trying to do so.
Also, since the mainland is respecting Hong Kong's decision to keep Google, I think that's something to consider on the debate on whether they respect jurisdictions only out of practicality or some respect also.

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