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Comment: Re:CloudFlare *threatened* to disconnect the proxy (Score 1) 133

by zedaroca (#49550835) Attached to: Pirate Bay Blockade Censors CloudFlare Customers
It is the "legal system" of one country that is mandating the blockade of perfectly legal content in most of the world. Even in America, where DMCA is king, the torrent site is legal and the copyright holders can request the removal of certain pages of it, not censor the whole thing. Whether you feel that "censorship" is wrong or not, it's clear that if one country is threatening your business (by threatening to decide what customers you can have), you should make a stand for it, as otherwise you'll have to start getting rid of your customers based on every other dictator's whims.

Comment: Re:"Full responsibilty?" (Score 1) 331

by zedaroca (#49544001) Attached to: Drone Killed Hostages From U.S. and Italy, Drawing Obama Apology
It is their problem, but If the US feels like they really should help policing the world, they could help Pakistan to enforce that law (assuming it's a reasonable law and not one that violates basic human rights), not to practice extra-judicial murders...

I'll remind you that the concept of universal human rights came after defeating the nazis, when humanity thought that we never wanted anything like that again.

Just saying it was not possible to capture those "terrorists" doesn't make it true. They've been drone murdering for some time and that's just their modus operandi (check on the NYT). It was not easy to capture Hussein, and he was in the middle of a lot of civilians. These guys were in a compound with pretty much no civilians around.

Comment: Re:"Full responsibilty?" (Score 1) 331

by zedaroca (#49543181) Attached to: Drone Killed Hostages From U.S. and Italy, Drawing Obama Apology
They where in Pakistan, they should be charged by the Pakistani government, with Pakistani law.

I agree with you, charging hostage takers is what should have been done, too bad extra-judicial mass murders are the US/Pakistani way of doing things. If they were charged with something other than drones no one would die, and the charges would be for taking hostages, not the Pakistani equivalent of the felony murder rule.

Comment: Re:"Full responsibilty?" (Score 1) 331

by zedaroca (#49543075) Attached to: Drone Killed Hostages From U.S. and Italy, Drawing Obama Apology

Sure, we should stop fighting terrorists because they hide behind hostages.

They were not hiding behind hostages. If Obama and the other people behind the mass murder knew about the captives they wouldn't have done it (I guess).

Obama said that the operation was conducted after hundreds of hours of surveillance had convinced American officials that they were targeting an Al Qaeda compound where no civilians were present

Comment: Re:Against Wikileaks smear campaign on Slashdot (Score 1) 163

I hope the Slashdot community stops being against information.

*fix: "I hope that the part of the slashdot community that is against dissemination of information stops doing so."

I'm very thankful to the slashdot community in overall, there is, still, great stuff here. It would be very hard to find all this stuff on my own.

Comment: Against Wikileaks smear campaign on Slashdot (Score 3, Informative) 163

I know these leaks didn't come out trough Wikileaks, but since they republished them we are seeing a lot of stuff that nobody was talking about, here are some examples, got from "this day in wikileaks" (bolds are mine):

The US State Department recruited Hollywood to boost “anti-Russian messaging“.
Sony pirated multiple books about hacking, while aggressively campaigning against piracy.
Emails reveal concerns in the US over the secrecy of the TPP talks.
The leaks included a draft of the international VOD and DHE agreement between SONY and Google
Sony received nearly $48 million in tax breaks in 2011 and 2012 after donating to New York Governor Cuomo.

Ben Affleck demanded PBS program “Finding Your Roots” hide his slave-owning ancestor.
Sony changed the Snowden film press release to remove “illegal spying” from the description of NSA’s activities
Sony cameras are used as a part of the guidance system for Israeli rockets bombing Gaza

Sony Chiefs met with David Cameron ahead of the Scottish referendum
Corrupt product placement practices used in Dr. Oz show

I really hope that slashdot doesn't become another place of pro-government propaganda, as that really pisses me off. The information was already out there, but their republishing obviously did us a favor (us that care about government accountability or knowing the truth anyway). We already have enough media outlets against information out there, let's keep this one useful.
I would never know the above facts if it wasn't for them, as 1. I believed the propaganda that it was mostly employee information and didn't feel comfortable downloading it and reading, and 2. it would be too much work for me to look into the e-mails.
Now that I know these stuff I feel like someone more informed than before. I hope the Slashdot community stops being against information.

By the way, since I haven't seen here a link to their press release, with the leaks, here it is.

Comment: Re:Dear NSA (Score 2) 134

by zedaroca (#49457401) Attached to: U.S. Gov't Grapples With Clash Between Privacy, Security
Times, Guardian, Post, Intercept and Der Spiegel are credible sources that the US is doing worst than China.
From your link:

"I don't know if there are backdoors - but it doesn't matter since there are so many vulnerabilities."

It was on the news that the NSA was hacking on Huawei. Maybe China was using the vulnerabilities and spying, but the US definitely was doing that. Now they want to put actual backdoors on American devices.

Since then they said they would start using more open source and open their systems for being audited by third parties. The Chinese government didn't complain about increasing the security of Chinese made devices, the opposite of what is happening in the US.

Comment: The Black Chamber started in 1920 (Score 1) 81

They were bulk collecting telegraphs at the time.

There was a great talk on 31C3 (Chaos Communication Congress), the largest hacker conference in Europe. Tell no-one A century of secret deals between the NSA an the telecom industry

The talk can be found on youtube as well.

Comment: Re:What's the alternative? - The Chinese (Score 1) 270

by zedaroca (#49141759) Attached to: It's Official: NSA Spying Is Hurting the US Tech Economy

how does that relate to spying level or depth

I can't imagine more depth than infecting the HDD's firmware, stealing the SIM cards encryption keys of common citizens, tracking my phone's movements, every conversation I have over the Internet (skype, email, messaging, etc), making fake slashdot copies to infect people, designating me "enemy of the state" for reading and supporting wikileaks.

There is no indication that the Chinese are doing any of those things to foreigners (they do read Chinese communications).

It is true that China has shown aggression to neighbors, but it is also true that they believe Taiwan IS China. I strongly disagree, since Taiwan has been independent for several decades. On the other hand, having billions in weapons pointing at China doesn't help much. It is hard to believe they should be nice and understanding neighbors to people who have military pacts with the US.

Comment: Re:If you hate Change so much...... (Score 1) 516

by zedaroca (#49137099) Attached to: Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10
If they don't change the icons, we'll see comments all over saying that this OS still looks the same as it did in the old windows # days, in the 90's or in 2000, arguing this is proof that the OS it is not evolving and that the others are better.

It is not just for the sake of it, it is to give the system visible changes people can quickly notice, dismissing this kind of BS we know happens.

Comment: Make it about yourself (another reason) (Score 1) 698

My mother got separated from her father when she was very young. Right now (she's almost 50) she is trying hard to find out who he was, what he was like, what kind of things he used to do, what kind of work he did and how he acted in certain moments of his life. Things like finding out her grandfather was a communist atheist meant a lot to her a few weeks ago, even though he didn't give her any advice.

I believe the best you can do for her (on the videos) is to show her who you are, tell her your experiences and your values. She will make it from there.

Good luck for you and your family and make the most of this time with them.

Comment: You're fighting the entropy of the universe (Score 1) 178

by zedaroca (#49001691) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: With Whom Do You Entrust Your Long Term Data?
When you organize so many bits you are fighting the very nature of the universe.
There is no safe place or method, you just have to keep making copies of everything, multiple zfs NASes in different locations is a start, but you can't trust just that, you have to update storage methods. Make tape and disc copies, have them in HDDs and SSDs, print whatever you can. Hopefully, when you try to access it, the universe will not have ruined one of your copies.

I doubt adding more people, companies and laws to it will be of any help.

Comment: Re:Who will get (Score 1) 360

by zedaroca (#48659629) Attached to: North Korean Internet Is Down
Thanks for the read and you are right about this not being wikipedia, sorry.
On the other hand, I met a few North Koreans while in China and the internet was not new to them. Maybe they were all high official's daughters and sons (I was in a Chinese university).
It still seems strange that they go through so much trouble censoring it for just over a thousand people. Unlike in China, this doesn't make sense.

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