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Comment Why Adobe added this to Photoshop (Score 1) 73

It's simple. They have been running out of ways to improve Photoshop. Once they realized this, they switched to a subscription only business model. Now they can roll out meager "upgrades" in drips and drabs without the pressure of having to create a whole new version of the software. I expect Adobe will update/upgrade the 3D portion of Photoshop the most over the next two years simply because there will be a lot of features they CAN add. Photoshop itself already does just about everything it needs to be able to do. Also, Adobe has been trying to crack the 3D problem for fifteen plus years now. Where the "3D problem" is how does Adobe sell 3D.

Comment It was a fun popcorn movie (Score 1) 233

And that's all it needed to be. My only complaint with the film was the setting. As the saying goes about westerns, the setting is a central character. I wanted more sweeping shots of Kirby inspired Asgard. A lot more. What we did get was great, but the film makers should have, uh, hammered on the scale of Asgard more than they did. I do have a complaint about the theatre I saw it in. They had 22 minutes of ads (only two movie trailers) before the movie. I'll never go there again.

Comment Australian Post redirection (Score 1) 206

New Zealand Post has a redirection service that's geared specifically for purchasing in the states and having it shipped to N.Z. cheaper ( It goes through a redirection service in Beaverton, Oregon (since Oregon doesn't have a sales tax). I would venture that Australian Post has something like it. If not, you can set it up yourself. I have friends here in Wellington that use the same service in Beaverton to maintain a US address for their business. Shouldn't be hard to do.

Comment Free for all experiment (Score 1) 198

I gave my kids (11 and 6) uncensored access to the net as an experiment. The computers they use are in the living room so I didn't expect anything too extreme, but I did expect that we'd have conversations about content. And we did. After several days I insisted they did something other than watch Minecraft videos.

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