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Comment: Re:I skipped to the ending (Score 1) 49

Wow, how did this bit of nonsense get modded up.

Chinese people are generally better informed about what is going on in the world than people in most other countries.

Do you care to back this statement up? In what way are they better informed, and which countries fall into the "most other countries" category that are less informed than the Chinese public in general?

I like what you did there, with the pointless yet seemingly going somewhere questions, can I try.

I can only think of a few countries with more censorship then China.

Do you care to back this statement up ? how many is a few countries ? which countries are they ?
Do you care to back this statement up ? in what way is the censorship more in those countries, how is the censorship measured, where is your citation ?

err probably made a mortal enemy for life, but though it was funny. !

Information that the government prohibits (child porn, holocaust denialism, videos of journalist beheadings, etc)

You're only one for three there. That's worse than dumb luck.

Comment: Re:The problem with American Embargos (Score 0, Flamebait) 254

absolutely wrong, this is about spheres of influence and by definition imperialism.
US / NATO support and intervene in the breakup of Yugoslavia by bombing Serbia, to increase their sphere of influence
Basque in Spain want independence, not supported
Ireland independence, not supported, UK backed to continue military occupation.
Syria support uprising, but not too much, 'cause the new mob probably doesn't like US
Egypt support ... no idea, who knows what US policy is
Iraq / Afghanistan invaded to increase US sphere of influence, the fact it back fired does not change the intent.

give me an example of a moral US intervention that came at the expense of American, sphere of influence and/or interests.
I think you are naive to think you are on the side of good battling evil, your side maybe lighter shade of grey and the other darker shade of grey. but don't let that stop you, as you do "good" I'm sure a lot of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam appreciate the good done to them.

Comment: Re:sneaky but..... (Score 1) 417

by zaphirplane (#46439021) Attached to: School Tricks Pupils Into Installing a Root CA

really? you are playing man in the middle for all the https websites out there? I find it hard to believe.
how about the the username password for those websites, you are capturing username and password to banks, hotmail, gmail, facebook, paypal, ebay
to capture and store that information you'd need some really strong and clear disclosures

Comment: Re:Only if they reported it. (Score 1) 197

I would like phone companies to brick and block stolen phones, however.
the dmv is a gov org, the analagy here would be making petrol stations, not allow stolen cars to be refuled and calling the police.
yet somehow that is not expected of perol stations.
why is that ?

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