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Comment Re:Trump could be elected today (Score 1) 239

> He's got about 40% of the Republican vote [realclearpolitics.com] at the moment. Let's assume that figure holds across the party so that, for example, if Cruz bows out 40% of those supporters move to Trump. That gives him 40% + (40% x 60%) = 64% of the Republican vote, using back-of-the-envelope estimates.
That reminds me of the guy that tried to sell me a combined gas and electricity contract, he said "you get 10% off your gas and 7% off your electricity, that's 17% off your bill"

what is the 40% x 60% ? you are saying if all the republican candidates drop out, he will have an extra 40%*60% I don't know if thats how it works but well ok ... so if he is the only candidate for the Republican party he gets 64% of the republican vote, I see very impressive. and if the rapture strikes and take 75% of the democrats and 20% of the republicans, then he gets 64%*0.8 of the surviving Republicans and

Comment Re:Firefox will continue to lose market share. (Score 1) 239

hmm sounds like spreading rumors. people are entitled to their thoughts and beliefs you know, even if you don't agree with them or dislike them.
It's when it moves to hate speech, inciting hatred and spreading hate that it becomes "wrong", looking at your posts you have a lot of hatred and spreading hate towards a group you dislike.

pot meet kettle

to use your words, you are :-
"He's not "anti-authority," he just wants to be the authority."

Comment Re: If you don't know why they're doing this... (Score 1) 440

Sweden ... Sweden oh right that benevolent freedom loving, social focused country, privacy , people power
That's lying and maneuvering to get Julian Assange extradited to the USA.

If Sweden acts unethically , immorally , illegally I'm sure 99% of Europe will set the bar
Lower and the rest of the world the bar is there to club you

Comment Re: If you don't know why they're doing this... (Score 1) 440

I don't understand what you mean, if you gave me 10k in $100 bills I am 100% sure I can spend them or replace most of them without anyone the wiser, not illegally or anything it's paper it's accepted by millions of bushinesses. Who is forensic accounting the country when 3/4 of the business are trying to hide their income , right !

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